How to export contacts from iPhone to PC, Outlook, Gmail or Excel?

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Did you ever wonder how to transfer and export iPhone contacts to your PC or Outlook? 
When you are an iTunes user you probably found out, that you can synchronize your iPhone contacts with Outlook and Gmail or Windows Contacts. Since iOS 5 you can also store your iPhone address book to the iCloud. But, not everybody feels comfortable with the use of these technologies and maybe just wants to keep a copy of the iPhone contacts on the computer or an external hard drive.

To do so you will have to use a third party app like CopyTrans Contacts. This application allows you to export and save iPhone contacts to the computer, to transfer contacts to Outlook, Gmail, Excel, Thunderbird or other iOS devices like iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. Additionally you can also add, edit, group and delete iPhone contacts and import contacts from Outlook etc to the iPhone.
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Step 1: Download and Install

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To export all iPhone contacts to the PC or to simply transfer them to Outlook or any other service you will first have to download and install the application. Therefore go to:

In clicking on the download button, a zip folder will be saved to your PC. Open this folder and extract the file named "CopyTrans Contacts.exe". Save it on your desktop and run the app with a double-click. 

Crossy911 month ago

Agree with you on this. iTunes is limited to some functions. There are many
third party tools are available to transfer data from iPhone to and from PC to
iPhone easily. Personally I use iPhone
Contacts to PC Transfer Tool
, it is an easy to use tool which can transfer
iPhone data such as contacts and SMS to PC without much hassle.

Leo19872 months ago

Thanks for the guide as well as the tool!

Here I'll also share an article with you. <a href="">How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android phone</a>

NicoKars3 months ago
If you are looking for how to transfer contacts from iPhone to computer, probably you'll need an iOS Transfer.

iPhone Transfer software is capable to copy your contacts from iPhone to PC within minutes.

Get more information here:
Dennissek3 months ago
You could use the app iPhone Contacts Backup, which has the option to export your iPhone contacts as a csv (Excel) file which can then be printed. It also will backup to a vcf file, which can be imported to another iOS device or mac Address Book.
APPCRAFT4 months ago
mellyto5 months ago
You can have a try iStonsoft iPhone Contacts SMS Backup to export contacts from iPhone to PC,this is a good method to solve your problem,Hope this helps!!!

click here:How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPad
Gomerico1465 months ago
iTunes now has a feature that allows you to back up the settings and contacts from your iPhone. Plug the phone into your computer and open iTunes. Right-click the iPhone icon, then scroll down and select "Back Up." If your iPhone ever crashes, or you lose your contacts for any reasons, you can re-connect the phone to your computer and recover these settings and contacts by selecting "Restore from Backup."

Without iTunes, you can follow these articles about iPhone Contact Transfer to Computer:

For PC: How to transfer iPhone contacts from iPhone to Windows

For Mac: How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Mac OS
MagicGenie5306 months ago
Hi- I am new to this site and I have a question about exporting contacts to Outlook 2010 from Iphone 5. Am I right in assuming the contacts will go to contact cards, and not the address book which I use constantly for sending emails? Would you know of any way to export to address book using Outlook 2010 on Window 7 or isn't it possible?
Thanks so much for any help and simple steps for this beginner.
sandyago7 months ago
Using iTunes is the most common method of transferring contacts or other contents from iPhone to computer.To begin with, you have to first make sure you’ve installed the latest version of iTunes.Then do as the following:
1. Connect iphone to your computer using USB cable and click the device button in the upper right corner. (You can also connect iphone to computer using Wi-Fi syncing.)
2. Click “Info” tab on the summary bar, choose" Sync Contacts with" if you’re using Windows or choose "Sync Address Book Contacts" on your Mac. You can choose to sync your contacts with Outlook, Windows Contacts, Windows Address Book etc. in this step.
3. click Apply in the lower-right corner of the screen. Now you’ve transfer you iphone contacts to your computer.

More info:
How to transfer and backup contacts from iPhone to PC Bookmark and Share
How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Mac, copy iPhone contacts on Mac
zyizeno8 months ago
There are many tools can do the job. From my point of view, you just need to find one that is cheaper. Find one from Transfer Tools. And following the guides bellows.
1. Download, install  and run the iPhone contacts to PC Transfer
2. Synchonize and select iPhone contacts
(1). Click "Contact" icon in the left side menu. You will find that a small dialog pop-up to show the sync device process. After synchronizing, you will see all iPhone contacts are displayed in the main interface.
(2). Select those iPhone contacts that you need to transfer to PC.
3. Transfer iPhone contacts to PC
(1). Press "export checked files to local" button, which is marked within the red rectangle.
(2). Select the target folder to save the contacts when the file dialog box shows up. And press "Save" button to start transferring iPhone contacts to PC.

For more, read
How to transfer iPhone contacts to PC 
Phone contacts for PC Transfer
Emilyya10 months ago
I would advise you to use some third party app in order to transfer iPhone contacts to computer.

Have a look at this free application in order to transfer iPhone contacts to your PC without the need for iTunes. Use the same tool to import the contact entries from your PC to your new iPhone

Alternatively, you might want to start iTunes in Safe mode by clicking on CTRL+SHIFT keys while starting iTunes with your iPhone connected. Next, enter in device settings and tick "Manually manage music and videos"

For more:
Transfer contacts from iPhone to computer
Transfer photos from iPhone to computer
Emilyya10 months ago
f youre using iOS 5 and above (iOS 6) look no further than iCloud. Steps to transfer contacts from iPhone to computer with iCloud:

1. go to Settings > iCloud and toggle Contacts "ON".

2. Log in to using your Apple ID and select the Contacts app icon.

3. The contacts in your Apple mobile device should already start appearing. If theyre not, right-click on the contacts list page in iCloud and hit Refresh button.

4. Now select contacts and export as vCard format.

If youre using an older iOS version or find it difficult to use iCloud/iTunes to transfer iPhone contacts to computer, give a try to third-party desktop utilities to transfer iPhone contacts to PC.
shells_s10 months ago
joeljones04 says: Dec 4, 2012. 9:33 PM
If your iPhone is running on iOS 5 or iOS 6.0 then look no further and than iCloud. Also, it is possible to backup iPhone contacts to PC as a text and .csv format

Thanks joeljones, works perfect for me!
Chamyal11 months ago
Of coure it's possible.
This problem really is just in two steps solution, you can first transfer your iphone contacts and contents from iphone to PC/Mac, and then transfer the contacts and contents from PC to android or Samsung phone.It is that simple!But like they said you will need a 3-rd party software in the "transfer your iphone contacts and contents from iphone to PC/Mac" step
Here's some reference:
How to transfer iphone contacts from iphone to PC
How to transfer iphone contacts from iphone to Mac
adolphhill511 months ago
Transfer iPhone contacts can help you export your contacts from iPhone to PC, transfer contacts on iPhone to Outlook 2003/2007/2010 and Outlook Express.
energybell1 year ago
iPhone Transfer Contact can help you transfer all iPhone contacts and contact photos from iPhone to your computer and keep them safe on the computer.

It's a really handy way to transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer.

Good luck
If your iPhone is running on iOS 5 or iOS 6.0 then look no further and than iCloud. Also, it is possible to backup iPhone contacts to PC as a text and .csv format

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