Introduction: How to Extend Printrbox X Axis

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How to extend your x axis printer area , so you can print larger objects.

Step 1: Tools&Materials

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8MM Diameter, 3' Long

Rod support:

Heavy!! Fishing String:
(some sports store, needs to be ~100lb)

Screw x6 - use the ones that came with the printer
Screw Driver
metal plate -light weight
Wood plate - lightweight
Spring x4 - the one that came with the printer

Step 2: Build

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Step 1:
Use a hammer to hammer in one end of the rods into the rod support.
Step 2:
Lubricate the rod and place it in the cylindrical ball bearing sliders.
Step 3:
Hammer in the 2nd side of the rod support.
Step 4:
Hook the fishing line on both ends of the rod support and make it taught.
Step 5:
Place the wooden board then the metal board with springs in between them. Then screw the platform in with the rod supports.
Step 6:
Calibrate the max X size of the print and calibrate the height of the printer.
Step 7:
Then you are dinished and ready to print large objects up to 1.5 ft.


jongscx (author)2014-04-24

You need to specify which hardware version this is for. Not just for us now, but for anyone coming along in the future who finds this on a google-search.

RecyclePlastic2 (author)2014-04-22

I wish I could take everything apart, but that would mess up the calibration and I would have to get more fishing line string.
Everything is same as the instructions that comes with the printer. All it is, is a longer metal rod and the plastic rod support pieces.

craftclarity (author)2014-04-22

This could use some more photos. Would love to see how you did it and the results from the work....!

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