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A photobank is an hard drive where you can copy your photos from any memory card. I've bought some of them for a few bucks, because lately the memory cards are more cheap and they can contain a lot of Gigabyte of photos, so a photobank could be useless also for a travel. Anyway I use it when I shoot thousands of photos for my Gigapans, especially if I decide to shoot in raw format.
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Step 1: Disassembling

Picture of disassembling
Obviously it's essential that your photobank has a good battery life, because copying a lot of gigabytes could take a lot of time with the old USB2 interface. This photobank is old (maybe 6 years) and his battery was dead, so I decided to replace it with a new much powerful battery. The old one was a 3.7 V Li-ion battery of about 1200 mAh, you can't see it in the images because I had already throw it away, but it was very similar to the old cellphones flat batteries.

Step 2: Battery

Picture of battery
I decided to buy the most powerful battery I would find, and I was lucky because i had not the photobank with me and I hazarded to buy a big 2100 mAh Li-ion battery at last Electronic Fair in Milan, it was about 12$. Maybe it's nor real 2100 mAh, anyway I hope it's more powerful than a smaller one. Dimensions are perfect, thickness too, and voltage is of course the same of the old battery, 3.7 V, this is very important, because Lithium cells could also explode if charged wrongly.

Step 3: Wires

Picture of wires
In this case I've soldered the wires to the plug supports (which are connected with power pins) because I think the plug didn't worked properly. Anyway I suggest to keep the original battery plug, if it's present.  Obviously pay attention to the polarity, usually (as in this case) you see symbols on the pcb, otherwise if you had already cutted the battery wires try to understand which is the groud trace (usually it goes all around the circuit). 
jeffrey.nix.711 months ago

Thank you SO MUCH for this information!! I purchased one of these on a closeout deal, went to use it the first time about a month charged up fine, but when I went to use it the next day, the device was dead--and would NOT recharge.

I had my stepson replace the battery as per your instructions, and voila!! My photobank is happy again!!