How to Fail With a Graphite Crucible


Introduction: How to Fail With a Graphite Crucible

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I recently upgraded my foundry to a propane jet burner and had a small accident during its second use...

Step 1: Turn on Burner and Place the Crucible in Immediately

Step 2: Wait Until the Crucible Explodes.

Step 3: How Not to Screw Up Like This.

If you use a graphite or ceramic crucible, make sure to heat it up gradually and slowly. Or just use a metal crucible like I do now. Please vote for me in the epic fails contest! Thank you!



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    Forgot crucible outside for a while and moisture got into the graphite. When firing it up a month later looking dry, a terrifying bang. Part of the wall was split in half and shot away.

    I haven't had that problem

    Yep, you have to be careful with metalworking. Good luck in the contest!

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