Introduction: How to Fan a Deck of Cards. Card Flourish.

In this video Blake shows you how to fan a deck of cards with one hand. This small flourish is great for having a card selected during a card trick, or for keeping yourself cool during those warm summer months. The one handed fan is a fairly easy flourish to learn and will certainly make you appear as a seasoned card handler. Enjoy! 

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ted.payne.14 (author)2014-08-20

okay so ive tried everything you have said but for me, the first 5 cards spread really widely but then im left with the rest of the deck just stuck in my hand? any tips to get them to flow evenly?

BlueRobot (author)ted.payne.142014-10-13

the same thing happened to me, just the first five or so cards and the rest of the deck just stays there.

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