I did this at TechShop Menlo Park. http://www.techshop.com
Your wooden outboard motor mount will not last very long unless you coat it's surface with fiberglass. This is how:

Step 1: Supplies

Purchase large sheets of fiberglass and some clear resin with catalyst. You will also need a mixing cup, some cheep brushes you will dispose of in the end and and some nitrile gloves. We did this without gloves. Please DO learn from our mistakes!
Ok, not trying to be picky, but this is the EASY part of fiberglassing. The hard part is the finish work to make it look smooth and seamless - which is why you want to use fiberglass instead of just a waterproofed wood box, right?&nbsp; So, please add about 50 more steps of glassing, sanding, glassing, sanding, more sanding, finish coats, sanding,&nbsp; changing grits, more sanding, gelcoat, sanding, more gelcoat, etc. etc.<br> <br> And dont forget gloves and a mask. No gloves is a mistake you only make once when working in fiberglass.

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