I did this at TechShop Menlo Park.
Your wooden outboard motor mount will not last very long unless you coat it's surface with fiberglass. This is how:
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Purchase large sheets of fiberglass and some clear resin with catalyst. You will also need a mixing cup, some cheep brushes you will dispose of in the end and and some nitrile gloves. We did this without gloves. Please DO learn from our mistakes!

Step 2: Wrap and measure

Picture of Wrap and measure
Wrap the fiberglass sheet  around the mount just for measurement, then take off keeping one edge tucked in to register your position with the box.

Step 3: Mix resin

Picture of Mix resin
Mix resin with 8 drops of catalyst  per ounce. Use directions on the packaging as there are different types of resin and you may need a different ratio. Mix thoroughly in a disposable container scraping the sides and bottom of the cup.  Stir, don't whip to avoid introduction of air bubbles.

Step 4: Pour and brush on

Picture of Pour and brush on
Pour resin mixture onto the wood surfaces and brush on evenly.

Step 5: Cover with fiberglass and cut corners

Picture of Cover with fiberglass and cut corners
Strategically place the fiberglass sheet over the wood and cut corners off.

Step 6: Apply another coat or resin

Picture of Apply another coat or resin
Spread more resin over the surface of the fiberglass working out any bubbles with a brush. It will try to fuzz up and move. Be patient and keep smoothening it with a brush applying plenty of resin until it's completely covered and incased. 

Step 7: Repeat steps

The more coats the better. Let it fully set, then reapply. Follow same procedure with the inside portion of the mount. Cut pieces exactly to size of your surfaces and sandwich between resin coats. Good Luck!!