A week ago a team of hate mongers went through the nieghborhood passing out yard signs for proposition 8. This is a tactic to divide our community agaist one another. They don't care because they don't live here.

Proposition 8 seeks to take away the right of gay people to get married, a right we already have. Instead of the traditional definition of marriage as being between two people in love, prop 8 would narrow marriage to two people of opposite sex whether they love eachother or not. Such a law would make cold, barren marriages between people with only a passing interest in procreation the norm instead of a loving bond between two people dedicated to the furtherance of each others' lives and the community they live in.

From Wikipedia.org:

"The California Supreme Court held that "marriage is ... something more than a civil contract subject to regulation by the state; it is a fundamental right of free men ... Legislation infringing such rights must be based upon more than prejudice and must be free from oppressive discrimination to comply with the constitutional requirements of due process and equal protection of the laws" (Perez v. Sharp (1948) 32 Cal.2d 711, 714-715). The California Supreme Court explained that "the right to marry is the right to join in marriage with the person of one's choice" (Id., at p. 715).[7]"

Using their own yard signs as a template, I decided I would seek to defuse the anti-gay rhetoric by poking fun at them with ...the Village People! If you are going to be gay...be GAY!

Anyone can spread hate. It's old news. Inclusivity and tolerance is the hard work of civilization. Anger and bigotry is easy.

I'm ready to make a difference in the world. Are you?

Step 1: The First Step of Guerilla Warfare...use Your Enemy's Strengths Against Him!

The first tenant of guerilla warfare is to use your enemy's strengths against them. In this case they have flooded our neighborhood with banners. They are easily recognizable. Lets use the recognition against them, shall we?

The logo at the top of the "Yes On 8" banner will do nicely.

However, gay people have a much more fabulous group to put on our banner!

It's fun to stay at the...Y..M ..C ..A!
<p>gr8 that you used humor, positivety &amp; creativity to counteract hatemongers.</p><p>I love the idea and initiative you took.</p>
I just stumbled across your Instructable today while helping my youngest son work on an essay to get into college. I really like your creative use of technology (and humor) to promote equality. About 7 years ago I performed a same-gender marriage in California (during the &quot;open window of equality&quot; ) between my two son's mother and her lesbian partner. I can honestly say that &quot;I married my son's mother to another woman&quot;. SO glad that the Supreme Court has come down on the side of equality. Right now I'm working on getting Marriage Equality for Illinois where I live....
amazing, no negative or critical comments... Keep your politics out of instructables, no matter what &quot;side&quot; they fall on.
That is so genius!!! Good for you for fighting hate, and fighting against the people who are trying to take rights away from gays! I think its wrong to discriminate against gender in marriage, its supposed to be between 2 people in love, like stated above, not just a man and a woman...
I am sorry you are being treated badly
I commend you sir. When that shit was going on I made over 500 stickers by hand. Next time I'm opting for a printer instead of a sharpie.
Great job .. I'm trying to get people together here in Gothenburg, Sweden, for something similar. Sry bout the election-turnout, hope the lawyers get it right.
It's not looking so good at this point. I'm sorry. It's especially ... annoying that a group supposedly taking the moral high ground would run such a sleazy campaign. There was some debate on the "parents" email list at work, and a bunch of people were quite convinced that failing to pass 8 would mean that there children would be taught about gay sex in school... Sigh.
looks great! Great idea on using their logo against them. btw, you have very cute dogs :)
Nice job! Looks much better than the original. Good use of humor to defuse a potentially tense situation. Oh, and we've already cast our CA ballots. Here's hoping most people are sensible.
Thank you, Robotrix, PKM, and Weissensteinburg, for posting comments to my first instructable. I'm glad you like it. Robotrix: I'm glad you like the play on themes. Fun, eh? PKM: That's so nice of you to say. Once and a while I'll make a good sentence. Weissensteinburg: Good idea. I take it in at night. When the election is over, I can take it over to the gay and lesbian center for decoration!
That sign looks great! I love the way you played with their design and came out with something a lot more attractive. I hope the people in your community get the message and get along.
<em>Inclusivity and tolerance is the hard work of civilization. Anger and bigotry is easy.</em><br/><br/>I <strong>love</strong> this sentence. I have met far too many people who consider themselves &quot;cultured&quot; and &quot;civilised&quot; with plenty of intolerance just below the surface. Your non-combative use of humour is great to see as well.<br/>
Nice idea, and well executed! My one suggestion is that if you're afraid of your sign being vandalized, maybe cover it with clear plastic. That way you can always take it off and replace it.

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