I run my own mail server, and I check my email most of the time using pine. Over the years I had set up spam filters in pine to weed out spam. But I have also been known to use my blackberry to check email using squirrelmail. Well my pine filters did not work on squirrelmail. Plus more spam had been coming through lately.

This instructable will show you how to set up spamassassin on Fedora using procmail to move messages marked as spam to a spam folder automatically.

Step 1: Install Prerequisites

You'll want to install your prerequisites:

joe@fletcher ~$ sudo yum install sendmail-cf sendmail procmail spamassassin spammass-milter

i like ham not really
You should also join Spamcop - as you know the Spammer's address is invariably bogus, and the Subject line subject change with the hour. The only real way to stop Spammers is to go after the Open Relays and Ports they use to send their Spam from. And of course make sure your SMTP-relay is as secure as possible!

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