Picture of How to fill a Butane Lighter
Today you will learn how to fill a butane lighter.
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Step 1: 1.Getting some butane

Picture of 1.Getting some butane
First, you need butane, it is always in an aerosol can, if it isn't, it's probably lighter fluid, don't use that.

Step 2: 2.Where to fill butane lighters

Picture of 2.Where to fill butane lighters
butane 012.jpg
butane 010.jpg
butane 011.jpg
Shown below are where you fill them.

Step 3: 3. Filling the lighter

Picture of 3. Filling the lighter
Stick the nozzle of the can into the hole.

Step 4: 4. Light it up

Picture of 4. Light it up
You now have fire.
hjjusa3 years ago
I keep buying butane lighters thinking, "this will be more economicle." But when I refill them they never work again. I am beginning to thing they are just a big rippoff.
Mrcheese15 (author)  hjjusa3 years ago
i know what you mean, i have bought alot of them and they never work for more then a few months