Today you will learn how to fill a butane lighter.

Step 1: 1.Getting Some Butane

First, you need butane, it is always in an aerosol can, if it isn't, it's probably lighter fluid, don't use that.

Step 2: 2.Where to Fill Butane Lighters

Shown below are where you fill them.

Step 3: 3. Filling the Lighter

Stick the nozzle of the can into the hole.

Step 4: 4. Light It Up

You now have fire.
<p>Warning: Do NOT do this near an open flame.</p><p>For those wondering why they can't refill their butane lighters, it's because you must first find a small, solid tool to press against the valve on the lighter to release it of pressure. Once all pressure is released, refill and you should be good to go. </p><p>When topping off, be certain that you are going to make a solid connection. If something changes with the make-up of the gas inside the lighter, you'll end up having to drain it and refill.</p><p>When I refilled my lighter the first time, I put too much in (I didn't think it was possible). I found that upon lighting it, the flame would stay on even though I had released the button. I just kept doing this and eventually the excess butane was burnt off. </p><p>Good Luck!</p>
I keep buying butane lighters thinking, &quot;this will be more economicle.&quot; But when I refill them they never work again. I am beginning to thing they are just a big rippoff.
i know what you mean, i have bought alot of them and they never work for more then a few months

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