Step 3: Connect the choke

Picture of Connect the choke
Take the two wires that you disconnected from the transmitter and connect them to the leads of the RF choke. Then insert the leads of the choke into the jacks on the transmitter where the wires were originally connected. As I understand it, this allows the transmitter to continue sending a signal to the fence even though it is broken.
csheerin112 months ago

Even thought Radio Shack local store said they had 3 RF Chokes...I drove there to find they had NONE! Tried making my own - didn't work. Finally just reset the switch on the side of the transmitter from High to Low and reset the dial to 5.... back in business. Possibly sent it into alarm state from the lightning storm we had the other day! Anyway... Only wasted 2 hours before doing that....(I also redid all my splices even though when I pullled each one apart and put them back together nothing changed on the open circuit alarm...)

riplefct1 year ago
I need some help. I have followed all the instructions. Have the choke on. With it off, I have beeping. With it on, beeping stops. With the choke on (exactly as above), when I wave my radio over the wire right at the box (above) I hear the signal. But the rest of the wire has no sound at all. It is as if the signal is not going down and out the line. I can trace the wire out of the house, and even there near my garage I hear no sound in the radio. Any advice appreciated.
K_DePew2 years ago
Might I suggest: When I tried hooking both ends of my underground wire to the RF choke, I kept missing the break in the line. The break separation was so narrow that I would pick up the signal from the other side of the line. Ultimately, I had success by hooking up only one side of the underground line. I first found the break (actually two breaks) by connecting only one side. I then connected the other side to verify where the breaks were.
PSNee4 years ago
Thanks for the great info. I didn't by a RS choke, I just took a bolt and wrapped some wire (from a phone cord ) around it a bunch of times. I used that it I worked great. Found the break in 10mins, and didn't spend a dime.