Picture of How to find a silver quarter
You could go buy one from a local coin store or you could find one at home. This is more fun than going to a store and buying one. I was fortunate enough to find 3 silver quarters in my 1 year of collecting coins. You may find a silver quarter or you may not.
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Step 1: Gather items

Picture of Gather items


$10 (or more depending on how many rolls you are willing to get)

Step 2: Go to the bank

Picture of Go to the bank
Go drive, walk, run, or recumbent bicycle to your local bank. (By the way I do like recumbent bicycles...)  Give them your $10 and ask for a roll of quarters. Once you get your quarter roll, go back to your house.

Step 3: Look at the quarters

Picture of Look at the quarters
Instead of going through the quarters one by one and looking at the dates, look at the edges of the quarters. If you see a ring the color of copper on the edges, they are either copper-nickel clad or silver clad. Silver clad quarters are good too but not as good as the  pure silver quarters. If the quarter has no copper ring around it it is silver.

Step 4: Selling your silver for cash

If you decide to sell your silver I would recommend not selling it to a coin dealer because they have to make money too. I recommend selling your silver to an investor or a rookie collector who is just getting started collecting. I have kept all mine for sentimental reasons and they go great in my coin collection.
pucksurfer12 months ago
How often do you find the silver quarter in a roll of quarters?
BarginsTech2 years ago
Found 2 silver quarters in one day!! and also this!
BLUEBLOBS2 (author)  BarginsTech2 years ago
What year were the silver quarters?
One was 1964 i think the other was 1962. There was one on my register that was 1965 and i must have looked at it like 500 times! Haha :) i finally looked into our chashier change box and saw the two silver rings in the clear plastic $10 rolls of quartes and nabbed them! :P
BLUEBLOBS2 (author)  BarginsTech2 years ago
Nice. I have a 1943, 1964, and an 1857 seated liberty quarter. I bought the 1857 silver quarter, obviously.
Yeah i assumed the 1857 one would have to be bought. But i have three silver quarters in total over a year of knowing they have value. 1953, 1961, and 1964.

My dime collections is bigger. That mercury dime was 1942! I read thats a year that has a mismark. They reused the '41 dimes and restamped them for '42. Mine doesnt look like it was though. But i also have '48, '60, '61 and '63 :)
BLUEBLOBS2 (author)  BarginsTech2 years ago
Cool. I don't have much of a dime collection. I have a 1941 mercury dime, 1963,1960, 1958, and a 1950.
Also, do you have any silver war nickels?
Nice! :D and hmmm i dont know but i find ones with old dates and keep them. Lol i guess i hoped id find some good ones that way. But i doubt it.
BLUEBLOBS2 (author)  BarginsTech2 years ago
Yeah I find lots of nickels that are older then WWII, but they are always in really bad condition. I just can't seem to find any 1938 Jefferson nickels, but I do have a 1943 silver war nickel (like seen in the picture.)
Guess i have to start eyeing nickels now!! Haha thanks for the info and idble!! :)
HarveyH442 years ago
Google 'coin roll hunting', CRH... I hear dimes are easier to find silver. Since you are going through them, might Google 'key dates' for the denomination you are searching, some are worth way more than the silver content...
BLUEBLOBS2 (author)  HarveyH442 years ago
Yeah because if you look at the values of a 1916 mercury dime and any other mercury dime you will see that a 1916 is a key date because it is worth much more than silver content.
BarginsTech2 years ago
you could just cashier and pay attention to your or your fellow cashiers' drawers. i have two silver dimes and one silver quarter from 6 months of cashiering (yeah lifes grand and Blueblobbs, funny you noted that 'ible. Thats actually why i started hunting :]
blueblobbs2 years ago
Very nice 'ible, though it was stated on how to find a silver quarter on this  Very nice 'ible though