How to Find Out Your WEP/WPA Key





Introduction: How to Find Out Your WEP/WPA Key

I like to connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi, and this is the easiest way to find out your WEP key.

Also, this is my first Instructable* so please feel free to comment.

*Actually I was thinking of making a battery drainer but the battery holder unfortunately melted while I was soldering.

Step 1: Go to the Control Panel!!!

Go to the control panel and double-click the "Wireless set-up wizard" (or something like that).

Step 2: Add More Computers!!!

(Don't worry, you actually aren't)

Click "Add computers to the ******** network" and click on the manual button.

Step 3: Nearly Done!

(You aren't printing it out either)

Click the print button and it should come up with a file that contains your WEP/WPA key.

Step 4: You're Done!

It's simple! Now get yourself a beer and enjoy the good life. (Under 18s, OJ will do.)



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    Now just please revise this for a windows 7/Vista user plz.

    Drinking age here is 21 T_T I'm pretty sure the DS can't connect to a wireless network with WPA security, can the Wii do it?

    Yep, but only a few types. The DS definitely doesn't support WPA.

    Do you have a DS?

    Yeah. I got a Wii too, but i haven't been playing it for a while since i've got so many DIY electronics ideas in my head. Too much projects!

    Can you help me? My router wont connect to my DS.It has the password and lets the mac address of the DS on but it gives the same error. The website wont help.

    Does the router support 802.11B? make sure it's not A,G or N. If it supports all of them (or 2 of them) make sure B is also turned on, however this would double the radio waves and kick out more radiation, although it's probably not that dangerous.

    Yeah it does

    You actually need to set alot more stuff for the DS.
    One thing ist the WEP Support is really poor, even when you meed all specs of Nintendo it doesnt work.
    There was a homepage listing some other Settins you would have to change.

    One thing i had to do was setting the Basic rate to 1-2Mbps,

    In the end.. Nintendo just messed up wlan on the DS badly...
    I stopped using it because i didnt wanna mess up my wlan and lower security just for that small thing.

    A good Solution probably would be that Nintendo USB wlan dongle that makes it possible to connect your DS to the Network of the host PC.

     They dont sell it anymore