How to Find the Hidden Word on the Dio (80's Metal Band) Logo.





Introduction: How to Find the Hidden Word on the Dio (80's Metal Band) Logo.

Some people claim when you turn the DIO logo upside down that it spells "DEVIL". What do you think?



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I knew about this when I was in 8th grade...circa 1986.
Some observations:
1. "Dio" is "God" in Italian, the opposite of God is obviously "devil". So, logically if you invert, or make Dio the opposite is *should* be "devil".

. Some say it says "DIE"...look for yourself:

3. That window on the CD cover looks a lot like Frylock.

4. RJD insists he never intended for the logo to be anything else but his name...upside down, backwards or otherwise.

Not true. I have looked far and wide to find it in any form of Latin. All I was able to find, from people in Greece and several other Latin countries, was that Dios meant "God". They found it weird to be said as "Dio".


It actually is true. I am Italian, and Dio does indeed mean God in our language, not Dios.

I call "bullshit" on that. Google translate doesn't count. It's garbage.
Like I said, the people I know from Greece and Hispanics and Latin population here in Socal say no such word.
I looked again at Google translate yesterday and it is now there as "Dio". BS!


Dude, you got some problems, lol.

Coming from you this means alot. LOL
God bless ya!


I know it does. It made your day didn't it?

Oh, and I know wikipedia isn't that great but still:

I've been on wikipedia less than 20 times in my life and have made at least 3 corrections. Not very good at all actually. Very poor place to get credible info.
I'm amazed at how little people know about so many things they spout off claiming to know about.

Its ok. Google translate doesn't have to count. Cima speaks italian, half my family does, I learned italian in high school...everyone I know that speaks italian uses the word Dio for God.

Greeks and Spanish speaking people have their own languages. I am sure the word for "horse" or "tree" ir any other number of words are different in greek than in Spanish or italian.

words can be similar or even the same but let's not forget they are their own languages.

You found greek and Hispanic folks but no Italians. Find a few and ask them.