Introduction: How to Find the Hidden Word on the Dio (80's Metal Band) Logo.

Some people claim when you turn the DIO logo upside down that it spells "DEVIL". What do you think?


xrobevansx (author)2007-12-05

I knew about this when I was in 8th grade...circa 1986.
Some observations:
1. "Dio" is "God" in Italian, the opposite of God is obviously "devil". So, logically if you invert, or make Dio the opposite is *should* be "devil".

. Some say it says "DIE"...look for yourself:

3. That window on the CD cover looks a lot like Frylock.

4. RJD insists he never intended for the logo to be anything else but his name...upside down, backwards or otherwise.

CDUKSHN (author)xrobevansx2011-02-21

Not true. I have looked far and wide to find it in any form of Latin. All I was able to find, from people in Greece and several other Latin countries, was that Dios meant "God". They found it weird to be said as "Dio".

cima (author)CDUKSHN2011-08-09

It actually is true. I am Italian, and Dio does indeed mean God in our language, not Dios.

CDUKSHN (author)cima2011-08-12

I call "bullshit" on that. Google translate doesn't count. It's garbage.
Like I said, the people I know from Greece and Hispanics and Latin population here in Socal say no such word.
I looked again at Google translate yesterday and it is now there as "Dio". BS!

cima (author)CDUKSHN2011-08-12

Dude, you got some problems, lol.

CDUKSHN (author)cima2011-08-13

Coming from you this means alot. LOL
God bless ya!

cima (author)CDUKSHN2011-08-14

I know it does. It made your day didn't it?

xrobevansx (author)CDUKSHN2011-08-12

Oh, and I know wikipedia isn't that great but still:

CDUKSHN (author)xrobevansx2011-08-13

I've been on wikipedia less than 20 times in my life and have made at least 3 corrections. Not very good at all actually. Very poor place to get credible info.
I'm amazed at how little people know about so many things they spout off claiming to know about.

xrobevansx (author)CDUKSHN2011-08-12

Its ok. Google translate doesn't have to count. Cima speaks italian, half my family does, I learned italian in high school...everyone I know that speaks italian uses the word Dio for God.

Greeks and Spanish speaking people have their own languages. I am sure the word for "horse" or "tree" ir any other number of words are different in greek than in Spanish or italian.

words can be similar or even the same but let's not forget they are their own languages.

You found greek and Hispanic folks but no Italians. Find a few and ask them.

Justin McKay (author)2007-12-05

It's probably just a coincidence that Dio's logo turned out that way... however, being a fan of Dio, I also wouldn't be too surprised if it was planned. RIDE THE TIGER!

cima (author)Justin McKay2011-08-09

It was certainly not a coinidence. RJD was a genious, and nothing he did was without reason. Many do not know that "Dio" was not actually his given name. The word "Dio" is Italian for "God". The way his logo was created was "God" one way, and "Devil" the other. A brilliant anagram to further illustrate the on going battle brtwen good and evil, which RJD was so interested in and influenced by. RIP RJD, you are truly missed!!

CDUKSHN (author)cima2011-08-10

Ok so you now know more than Ronnie James Dio about his own logo.
Good to know.
Thank God there are those of you out there to set him straight.
RIP Ronnie. It took me a year of mourning before I could listen to ANY music without balling. You still are an amazing inspiration!

cima (author)CDUKSHN2011-08-12

If you know as much as you claim to know about Dio, you would know that his logo was purposely done that way. He addressed the issue in an interview in Hit Parader several years ago. You're still The Man though!

CDUKSHN (author)cima2011-08-12

All I can vouch for is what he told me. Could very likely be that he told someone that in an interview.
In fact he said, "people will believe what they want. As long as they keep buying my work that's fine with me."
This quote was from when my cousin Joey (also on the Evil or Divine dvd) and I were in the studio with Ronnie, Jimmt, and Simon. Craig and Scott were no where to be found at that time.
Ronnie has given probably thousands of interviews in his life time. I have repeated several things to him from what I heard in interviews which he had no memory of and just shrugged it off and said, "If I said it it must be true", then laughed.
I DO know and you DON'T.
Your bad. I was fortunate, and still am having helped promote his legacy with Gate's.
In my several interviews with him he never claimed that writing his name in Old English had anything to do with something "secret" or a "hidden message" and even thought it was hilarious when we brought it to his attention. He thought it was especially funny when I SHOWED him the paper where I printed out the word Dio in Old English on the computer and it was near exact.
I knew him, you didn't. I have been to his house, not inside, you haven't. I have been on like 3 of the busses, you likely haven't, I am in the dvd, you aren't. I have been to the studio, you haven't.
Sorry you didn't get to know him like you would have wanted to. I am lucky and glad I did. And Wendy, and her mother, and Big Scott, and Beau, and Jimmy, and Craig, and Rojer, and and and.

cima (author)CDUKSHN2011-08-12

Whether you actually knew Dio or not doesn't matter to me at all. I'm not jealous of you in any shape, form, or fashion. I was just pointing out that you were misinformed about the Dio logo. Actually, I doubt you could even recognize him in a photo, lol. I never meant to make this personal, but you started it. I never wanted to know Dio. I have his music, and have seen him live - that's enough for me. If you wanna wank off to his photo, well, that's all you dude.

CDUKSHN (author)cima2011-08-13

And I was pointing out that ANY Old English program on any computer font has the same stuff.
Why you think it's relevant to dispute that is beyond me. The proof is there, very simply accessed.
Maybe Ronnie got all the computer companies to change their Old English font to match his Old English logo. LOL
Not surprised you would actually bring sexual activities into the conversation as well.
I wish I were as sophistacted and well rounded as you. Ha!!
You know nothing I know everything...compared to you. Your credibility is useless blather, mine is first hand from the source. Mine must be wrong.

CDUKSHN (author)Justin McKay2011-02-21

Na, it wasn't planned but it sure did help. I knew him. Not like a best f but he knew me and would recognize me in a second. My photo can also be found on the Evil or Divine dvd.

cima (author)CDUKSHN2011-08-09

I'm calling BS on that one...

CDUKSHN (author)cima2011-08-10

Call all you want. I am on the Evil or Divine DVD. Me and several family members are in the photo's section but in only 1 photo.
I am wearing a denim jacket with the "Dio" logo patch on the left breast. Dio is in the middle above an older woman, she is my aunt and the rest are cousins. I am on the far right if I remember correctly.
I also knew Wendy (Donnies ex since 85), her mother, and have been to the "fan club" on several occasions. It was actually a small office in the bottom part of an antique furniture store owned by Wendy named "The Ivy", after her mother. This store has been in at least 1 movie that me and my cousin know of and has been on Gene Simmons Family Jewels.
I am also the prime reason for any Dio music used in the first Heavy Metal Magazine's on line comic "Gates", by Hal Hefner.
He needed to find any of Ronnies friends or affiliates and I have him the number to The Ivy and told him that Wendy owned it.
He got the information he needed and has recently given props to me for the vital info.

cima (author)CDUKSHN2011-08-12

OK "The Man" lmao!

CDUKSHN (author)cima2011-08-12

You know it. It's a pretty good pic, huh? BTW, that jacket is for sale now and has at least 6 members signatures on it.
It, like me, has "been there and done that".

crapflinger (author)2007-12-05

alot of "old english" or archaic script like that was actually designed to convey seceret messages (or so some theories state) times of religious persecution....the few people that knew how to write (or read or use a printing press once those came about) where generally members of the clergy...and their main purpose was to transcribe the bible...they would use this technique on occassion to spread messages between them next instructable: how to find a rainbow in the dark

cima (author)crapflinger2011-08-09

I live in a town called Corbin in Kentucky. Every time there is a full moon, you can see what the locals call the "moonbow" spreading across Cumberland Falls. Hence, the rainbow in the dark!!!

CDUKSHN (author)cima2011-08-12

Let's see if you can find this very rare story that I don't even think is anywhere on the net but a few minor places. Good luck.
In the song "Invisible" there is a weird, airy, kind of sound before the heavy part starts. After "and it's likely you might find the answer there".
You tell me what that sound is since you know more than me, all my relatives that knew Ronnie, and Ronnie himself.

CDUKSHN (author)2011-02-21

This is completely fake. I knew Ronnie (my photo in the Evil or Divine DVD proves this) and he told me "let people think whatever they want". This was after I showed him that you can "find" the word "devil" on any computers Old English font after typing the word "Dio". You can "find" anything you want in any form you want if you look hard enough. I met this guy who had his own "band" and he gave me his card. The font was some type of Old English and I "found" the exact same thing that is allegedly "hidden" in the Dio logo. He exclaimed "that's quite stretch". I explained "just like it is trying to find it in Ronnie's name". Try some education and research, like meeting, and getting to know, someone 1st.

no food please (author)2008-01-21

I thought it said "OLD" jk


bleachworthy (author)2007-12-06

oh yeah, if you flip george bush's name upside down, it reads "satan is my everloving master, I will serve him for life. the pretzel thingy was jesus playing a joke, and I love jelly on my toast". beat that, sucka!

hahaha yes lmao

rc jedi (author)2007-12-05

aw man, I'm the last in line! I had to speed at night to get here to post and narrowly missed a rainbow bread truck in the dark. and wHOLY DIVERt the time from my tv show. My son jumped like a garguantan elf into my lap. I guess in this forum, the mob rules.

GorillazMiko (author)2007-12-05

cooooooooooool. i got a couple of their tapes. cool instructable :D

!Andrew_Modder! (author)2007-12-05

oh nice :-P

dentsinger (author)2007-12-05

Yes it was purposely done. That is called an ambigram. Designing a word to be read either as the same or something else while upside down. Here's my own I created some time ago.

dentsinger (author)dentsinger2007-12-05

Some people also see the word GOD in the logo. This would artistically encompass both good and evil as defined by Dio whose name itself sounds much like deity. Just my take on it.

dentsinger (author)dentsinger2007-12-05

Here's a logo I did for a band using the same principles of an ambigram, but instead used symmetry. The bands is call Eye of Satas with the Y in the middle and the T crossed at the bottom.

a grain of alt. (author)2007-12-05

Also cool- look at the demonic face that appears in the window in the picture when turned upside down.

zjharva (author)a grain of alt.2007-12-05

i noticed that too!

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