Here you will learn how to find the surface area of a cylinder.

Although there are many uses for finding out the area of a cylinder (most having to do with school work) the only one I could think of was for finding out the displacement of a liquid.

So there are four (4) parts to finding out the surface area of a cylinder.

Surface area will now be known as the letter X. (Surface area = X)

The formula we will be using is 2(pi r 2) + (2 pi r)* h = X

Step 1: First Step...


The first of the steps involves breaking down the parts of a cylinder.
You have both the top and the bottom of the cylinder and the side.

The top and the bottom would be 2 circles of the same size.

Cut the left over tube to create a rectangle.
The only suggestion I would make would be to check for consistency. Some places you use units and some places you use un. I'm assuming they mean the same thing. Some places you use TT and others pi. Difine one and use it thoughout to avoid confusion. At the end of it all show your expanded version of the formula and then how it would look in normal egg-head version. :&gt;)<br> e.g. 2(pi r<sup>2</sup>)&nbsp; or 2 x (3.14 x Radius squared)&nbsp;&nbsp; <sup>Note: </sup>Do the stuff inside the parentheses first.<br> <br> You get that little exponent thingie&nbsp;by using the enriched text mode btw.<br> <br> Good instructable though. I'm a couple of years late on commenting but these things last forever, right?
you made it soo hard and it is soo easy to work out
whats the formula for area?
Thanks so much

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