Ok, a few years ago you could find the URL to your profile picture to get your facebook ID. But facebook changed that, and people who changed their username ( can't find their ID. So I have this little trick. Its really easy. Enjoy =)
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Step 2: Find your ID

Picture of Find your ID
Now that you have your username, you can find your ID! Just go to  and you should see something like the picture. You can check mine at
jordan4762 (author) 3 years ago
I hope you guys like it =)
don4442 years ago
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shamesdJ2 years ago
It might explode up and link to facebook status ideas your fan page, but there is a malfunction in facebook and many people have difficulty between the two pages. we have manage a nice good morning facebook Status group of that can you like and brains better.
cheyman3 years ago
I do not see my FB ID on that page either.
jordan4762 (author)  cheyman3 years ago
Then you messed up somewhere. =/