My wife and I both have cell phones. We no longer use a home phone since we're on the go all the time. Why pay for a landline you hardly use.

Step 1: Materials and Explanation:

I "misplace" my phone "occasionally", and my normal method to find it is to call my phone with my wife's. There are times, however, when she isn't home, and I can't find my phone.

Here is my solution:

You will need a PC with an internet connection.

Step 2: It's This Simple

***UPDATE 10/25/2010***

Google discontinued its service. Use this instead.

as seen on Gizmodo.


Open your browser and go to www.google.com/maps

Google Maps no longer has this option. Recently there was an entry on lifehacker that was pretty similar to this instructable.


Step 3: Enter a Name of a Business in Your Area

Enter the name of a real business in your local area (preferably a large, well established business).

For this Instructable I used Sam's club.

Step 4: Matches to Your Query Will Be Found. Here's What You Do.

Once matches to your query are found a long list will appear on the left side of the screen. There should be a "CALL" link below the some of the business names that are listed. Click any of the "CALL" links.

Step 5: Enter Your Phone Number

After you complete step 4 you will be prompted to enter your phone number. Enter your cell or home phone number and click the "Connect for Free" button.

Step 6: Listen Intently for Your Ringtone

Your phone will begin ringing momentarily. Answer the phone and hang up immediately before you are connected to the business that Google is trying to connect you to.

I'm sure there are other services that do this too, but this is the one I use.

This will also work for those of you with older cordless phones that were manufactured before the SEEK feature was invented.
When I open all of that up, it doesn't say call -.-, this could be good for pranks for the people it works for though :)!
Google removed it.
yup but why? it was such a great service
As IamTheCreator said, it was probably used for lots of prank calls. This probably caused numerous complaints to Google, hence its removal.
then what is the point of this Instructable?
As I said in a prior comment, I was going to remove this post, but many others had commented with their own solutions that I decided to just keep this post alive for the sake of information in their comments.
Hi CementTruck. Perhaps you could keep this 'ible but rewrite it without all the Google Maps stuff? Maybe call it &quot;Instructables members' suggestions on how to find your lost phone&quot;, delete all the Google Maps steps, put the updates into the Introduction as an explanation about why they don't work any more, collate all the suggestions into groups (one step per group), and delete all the nonpositive and nonconstructive comments? <br>
Argh! That sounds like a lot of work. Good idea though. Let me mull it over. I've been thinking about just deleting this 'ible for a while now. Thanks.
I realize this 'Ible was originally published eons ago in tech-time, but the topic actually transcends time, so I bit. The intro-photo is funny, the text that goes with it makes it hysterical! Thanks for the (well-timed) belly laugh!
um....plz help me...my MOM lost my cell fone in our house and we've looked everywhere....can ny1 help?
Same thing happend to me!
Try this method, if there's no internet or other phones, use a payphone or something. If it's on silent, check the trash can and your pocket.
check your pocket BEFORE u wash clothes
Make her buy you a new one.
im lost my phone ta cinema theater how can i get back
has anyone tried using a cheap 5-12$ RF detector or one of those spy gadgets that detect wireless &quot;bugs&quot;..<br><br><br>???
my phone lost in my kitchen i power off the phone.... and i lost it..
my phones lost out side and it had three bars and it was on vibrate and i cant find it i lost it in my field wat do i do?
<p>hello sir <br /> i m form pakistan my new phone is lose <br /> how its mee find my mobile who man are have my call phone ane software u know plz help <br /> and where is working my phone</p> <p><br /> <a href="mailto:shan_leo88@hotmail.com" rel="nofollow">shan_leo88@hotmail.com</a><br /> <a href="mailto:z03453560002@yahoo.com" rel="nofollow">z03453560002@yahoo.com</a><br /> who man are use my phone <br /> and location ??????/</p>
does it work on a mac
it doesnt work any more,and i need it now ,Any help?
I know! Why don't you find your cell phone, call your friend to call you back, put the phone back where you found it, and wait for it to ring! Sounds like something from scoobydoo
The irony is you have to find your phone so you can find it.
smartnuss phail
It would suck if it was dead, which is likely if it's been lost for more than a few days.
that hapns 2 me all the time
thats dumb and overly sophisticated. just use an online texting service thats free and text your phone and listen for the text message tone.
<('.'<)<('.')>(>'.')> KIRBY!!!!
I like the idea. I always lose my phone when it's on silent, though, so I tend to have a real fun frantic search when I realize it's missing.
(SOOOOO IRONIC) 1 find your phone 2 set it on high volume 3 lose it 4 use method described on thou instructable
it is a shame that the call feature doesn't exist for Canadian businesses because i 2 loose my phone regularly, and i would have 2 call long distance for this feature. my cell cant call long distance. but thnx for the tip cement truck.
No biggie. I bet if you put any number in the CALL field it would call your phone. Who is to say you are not in from out of town. I think sending a text message or a Skype call would be easier. Ideas?
Take heart. I'm sure that Google will eventually do this world wide. Check Canadian websites (i.e. yellow page type sites) they might have something similar.
CementTruck is right about the removal but you can text message your phone from the site sending yourself the address of the store and if your ringer is on you can find your phone as long as your text message ring is long enough.
Thanks for the assist mterebus13! :D
I think Google thought better of it after only a few weeks and removed the code that allowed you to do this. There are other options from other commenters, which is the only reason I have not deleted this post.
Nice idea, but we don't seem to have this feature in Tasmania!!
I have Cingular service (now Verizon, I think), and we can send text msgs from our PC to any Cingular cell phone, and I believe it rings, just like a regular call. I've only sent them, not received them. I imagine that if I lost my cell in the house, and it was turned on, I could hear the ringing this way, especially if I did it several times to triangulate the little devil.
now ATT.
well when you look up a business from google.com/maps it doesn't even have an option to call! so what is up with this instructable?
Hmmm. Looks like they might have gotten too many complaints. The link is gone. If you look at my images you can clearly see the link is there. If you have email service on your phone you can also do the 5551234567@sprint.com, or whomever your provider is. This will do something similar.
I laughed so hard at the picture that opens this instructable.
As did I. ;)
If you'd like to find an approximate location of your phone (very rough, as in within 8 miles), then call your cell phone company and ask for tech support. Have them use the call registry to see which tower it last used when a call was made or if the phone still has power and is on, which tower 9it's currently connected to. Then have them pull it up on the map service they have and tell you the approximate location of the tower. That will tell you in some cases if you left it at home, work, friend's house, etc. I used to9 do tech support and if you can work the systems right you can tell them a lot about where it last was. Most reps didn't know how to do this though.
8 miles? That wouldn't help me out at all. I live in a small town. I work 4 miles from home, and downtown is about the same distance away. This is good information to know when traveling however. Thanks.
It actually may still be useful for you. It'll pull off of the closer tower more often than not, so if you have them check what other towers are close by, it would be more accurate than 8 miles. Also, let's say your house pulls from a tower in one direction and your work in a tower from the other direction. Those two locations would pull from different towers even though they're only 4 miles apart. this obviously isn't going to tell you exactly where your phone is, and may not be beneficial in everyone's case, but it's worth a shot : )
*correction, not last call made only, but received etc. If you call your phone right before you call them it will have a last location as long as it rings and doesn't go straight to voice mail.
we obviously have an internet connection since we are looking at this now. lol
Obviously! It shows you how easy this instructable is. Having all the materials readily on hand means you're halfway there. Now go lose your phone.

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