How to Finger Knit (easy + No Tools Needed!)





Introduction: How to Finger Knit (easy + No Tools Needed!)

Finger knitting is so easy: you don't need any tools at all. You'll need your fingers and some yarn  - and if you're really nifty with biting said yarn, you won't even need scissors. We are so cool.

Make scarves, belts, gifts, gift ribbon, christmas decorations. It's also great for keeping children occupied when they're bored.

BTW, hope you like the video and find that the instructions are clear. I got a few comments saying people liked it (hooray!)....because of my rather distinct British accent. So if you don't care for finger knitting you might like to watch it for my voice :D

Feel free to look at my youtube channel, I've got other tutorials and videos on there :) Peace out xx :)



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    Finally a technique I can follow. The others kept messing me up but your's I understand. Thank you!

    fantastic video. Easy to follow instructions and it was great to see examples of use with more than 1 piece of wool at a time.

    good video. i understanded the video well. i am going to make the thing in a hour. maybe i will be able to post it

    please do more tutorials! i love your crafts!!

    Very good 'Ible! But I guess this is only for small projects, like scarfs?