Fishing is a simple thing to learn and is really fun. well really fun when you are catching fish, but you can catch other things as well like a dog.

Step 1: Things You Will Need.

Fishing poll
fishing line

Protective head gear
some where to sit
What if im fishing for alligator gar? Then what? XD
Gar preferably like live or cut bait. Here in Texas gar can reach incredible lengths either 10-12 ft and weight 200- 300 lbs, so you might want to use realy strong line. You could also fish for them by using a bow with a fishing kit attached to it and it's a lot more fun than fishing with a pole. Gar at least two feet in lenght are the most tender.
Be careful with that bow fishing. It is very illegal in many places and it will not be a trivial punishment. Spearing is also often illegal.
Very true. Good thing it's legal where I stand, due to the fact that gar are not considered game fish here in Texas. Anywhere else you might want to check out your state's Parks and Wildlife Department fishing regulations before you do anything you might regret later on.
best thing to do is put a shrimp on a float and let the gar take for a while you have to let them swallow the hook not set it your self. by the way gars have excellent meat quality even though most people think they don't because they have to be about 3 ft long to get any meat at all
I use tiny hooks and live, small fish for gar bait. I often wait two or three minutes to set the hook as they will swim all about before swallowing the bait fish. Usually gar stay near the surface and you can watch your cork glide along. I avoid the plastic floats as the little wire often cuts through the line if a large fish is hooked.
holy wow, those are huge! if you are fishing for alligator gar throw some phiranas into the water and the alligator gar will surge up about 5 feet in the air, catch it in the net and hit it with a rock.
There are a couple of alligator gars and a few Amazon arapaimas here in one of the local restaurants in Thailand. I think they must be very old. Looks like each of them must be at least a meter long. Absolutely massive!! Dont know what will they say if I dropped a line.
if your fishing for catfish, then it's better to go at night and for bait use chicken liver. Also keep in mind for carfishin' patience is the key.
great stuff uv set up here, the hats truly a find, do i use hormones on my bait, yes or no. you spelled fiah, no fish, id concider fixen that, you dont have to if you dont want to
consider fixing concider fixen.
you said concider fixen instead of consider fixing
you are not supposed to use a spincast reel on a spinning rod.
you did not catch the dog, i can see your red and yellow spoon in the upper right hand corner.
yes that is a fishing rod..but same concept as a pole, but it&nbsp; is just a random stick or a bambo pole like ud see in some old fishing pictures. lol no eyes on it just a string tied to the end of it.<br />
This is preety good! Now make one on how to cook a catfish... Mmm I love some catfish!
i caught a catfish the size of my thigh, with a fishing pole by the way
they're fishing rods not fishing poles.
Tomato tomata Its all the same idea.
no, they are fishing rods, not fishing poles, my grandfather fought Anesthesia to tell the doctors who were talking about fishing stuff during his operation that they were fishing rods, not fishing poles.

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