Picture of How to repair DC snowboard boots
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Instructable on how to fix the air bladders in DC boot liners when they fail.

things you will need:

a product called "Tear-Aid type B"
a steady hand
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Step 1: Assess the problem

Picture of Assess the problem
these boots have a pump system that is designed to lock you heal in place when pumped up. it is used in various DC snowboard boots. unfourtunaly the air bladder they use is prone to failure. you will know when they fail because you will be able to pump them up, but your heal will slide around, making the boots useless.

Step 2: Unsew the bladder

Picture of unsew the bladder
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start at the top and unsew the bladder by cutting the threads. fill yor bathtub with water and put the liner in it. pump it up while looking for air bubbles. they will come from the source of the leak. DO NOT PUT THE PUMP UNDER WATER if you do, when you pump it, water will get pumped into the bladder.

Step 3: Use soap to find the leak

Picture of Use soap to find the leak
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after unsewing the bladder a bit and sticking it in a tub of water, while pumping it up you will begin to see where the leak is coming from. when you think you have found the leak put soap on the bladder and pump it up. it will bubble where the leak is.

Step 4: Buy Tear Aid type B

Picture of buy Tear Aid type B
I got this stuff from the local West Marine for $9.99. it is supper easy to use. clean the area you want to repair an stick it on and wait.

Step 5: Sew it back up

Picture of Sew it back up
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ok, so after you find the leak and patch it you must sew it up. i do not have pics of this process because it was a huge pain in the ass. buy some thread that is the same size as the stuff you took out. carefully sew it back together. i used a headlamp and a mirror at times because of the tight quarters sewing inside the liner. use the holes from the original manufacturing process as a guide, go slow, be patient, and you will be back in business.

good luck!
go boarding!