How to Fix PS2 Disk Read Errors





Introduction: How to Fix PS2 Disk Read Errors

I will show you how to fix PS2 disk read errors.
Your PS2 may not work once you put the PS2 back together so you try this at your own risk.
Make sure you put the PS2 back together exactally how it was before you took it apart.

Step 1: The First Step

First you need to take out all those square things on the bottom of your PS2. I circled all the square things in the picture.

Step 2: Take Out the Screws

Next you will need a screwdriver to take out all of the screws. Once you have taken out all of the screws open up your PS2.

Step 3: Opening Up the Laser Box

Next you will see this thing with a sticker on it that reads something like -CAUTION- laser radiation when opened. Now in case you were wondering radiation is like explosens but there is really no laser radiatin when open. If you think that there will be laser radiation when you open it then put on a pair of sun glasses. O.K. now take out the screws that I circled in the picture and open it up.

Step 4: Clean the Laser

Next you will need a cotton swab to clean off the laser. The reason why you need to clean off the laser is because the laser is what reads the game. Once you have cleaned the laser you need to put your PS2 back together how it ways before you took it apart. Cleaning the laser does not allways help fix your games.



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    Thank you!! This worked perfectly. ?

    hey LHyellowjackets4 can you please do a hard hat instruct-able and a real federal signal 2001-SRN tornado siren that will be awesome signed Trevor

    I have done all the things instead i have changed the laser but still not working but it reads some disks for limited time and then disk errors


    Oh....I did adjust the laser just a little to be sure. About an eighth of a turn on the adjuster did the trick for me. I don't know if that had to be done but I didn't want any loose ends lol.

    Just had to personally thank you. I used both techniques, the adjustment (Which failed) and then this one. Now my ps2 works like new and plays all my games. So thanks for the advice. Much appreciated.

    wow i could have figured this out on my own. I thought you were going to help with realignment lol

    Good one. It always works for me.

    Disk read errors are mostly caused by the laser dying and not by being dirty. Great instructable by the way.

    good instructable but i have tried this before and it didn't work for me. check out my ps2 instructable, you might find it useful :)