How to fix Samsung LN46C630 screen flickering issue

The Samsung LN46C630 TV has a known issue with screen flickering after the warranty has expired.  Rather than pay $150 at your local repair show, fix it yourself in 15 minutes!

The fix for this issue is easy.  There is a jumper on the power supply named JP852.  If you cut that jumper, the screen flicker will no longer happen.  I do not know what JP852 is used for, but apparently there is a service bulletin from Samsung for this fix.  Thank you to Denise from an review (here) who provided the details on this fix.

Please assume this will void your warranty and potentially break your TV.  After doing this fix on my own, my TV has been running fine since February 18, 2012 .  I will update this guide if for some reason my TV stops working.

UPDATE June 14, 2012: It has been a few months and my TV still works great!
UPDATE December 31, 2012: My TV is still going strong.  NO ISSUES TO REPORT!
UPDATE March 16, 2013: All is well!  It has been over 12 months since I cut the jumper and everything still works as well as the day I bought it.
UPDATE June 19, 2013:  Still going strong.  NO ISSUES TO REPORT!

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Step 1: Symptoms

Picture of Symptoms
The symptoms of this issue are mostly described as "screen flickering".  It mostly happens intermittently at first, then gets progressively worse.  HDMI connections start first, then component, etc.  If the user turns the TV off, then on, it usually fixes the issue for a little while, but it eventually comes back.  After a month or two, the screen will flicker be permanent.

The model fixed in this tutorial is a LN46C630K1F.  This fix is supposed to work for all TVs in this class.  I did see something online about this issue happening on other Samsung TVs in a different class and the fix was cutting a different jumper.
shanson121 month ago
I have un46eh6000 LED and my screen goes black then lightly flickers in the background. Sometimes it will pop back on, but there are times it stays this way for a long while. The problem listed here fits mine, but the jumper number is no where to be found on my power supply, and I can't find mention of it anywhere else online. Anyone know of a resource where I might find an answer?
joppeapa3 months ago

Great post!

I own a 5 year old PS50A676 with exactly the same issue. I was about to throw it out, until I stumbled upon this post. Anyone tried this manoeuvre on any of the plasma models? Not much to lose at this point...

Hi everyone. Has anyone tried this on the un40eh6030 model?

Addtoit23 months ago
I have a Samsung LN-T4071F and I have the flicker, but I cannot find the jumper. Can someone help?
photo (2).JPGphoto (2).JPGphoto (2).JPGphoto (2).JPG
Joe_n4 months ago
Fantastic fix!! Was about to throw my LN46C630 in the trash. Hadn't used it in over a year because of the flickering. Came across this post tonight (12/19/13). Followed instructions and 20 minutes later TV was fixed!!! Can't thank you enough for posting.
rickiedwalker5 months ago
I own a Samsung LN40B530PF7 that is flickering and need the wire location to cut the jumper I appreciate any assistance with this issue. Thanks.
mcarthurb6 months ago
Will this work on a LN32B640? This just started for me at the end of August and it is very obnoxious. Also, any idea what the wire will be labeled? It seems different models have different serials. Thanks.
I just did this on Samsung LN46C630 TV. The flickering started after I had the tv for only about 2 years. took me about 15 minutes to take off all the screws, take off the back of the tv, locate the wire, JP852, cut the wire, and reassemble the back. EASY! FIXED! I am a woman and these directions were so perfect and easy to follow. Thanks so much!
I just did this on Samsung LN46C630 TV. The flickering started after I had the tv for only about 2 years. took me about 15 minutes to take off all the screws, take off the back of the tv, locate the wire, J852, cut the wire, and reassemble the back. EASY! FIXED! I am a woman and these directions were so perfect and easy to follow. Thanks so much!
sskjelmerud7 months ago
I Just did this on my LE46C535
Worked like a charm!
I'm so happy i can finally use my tv without having a seizure :D
Mrfjdrake8 months ago
Hi, i have a samsung le40b550a5wxuu and would like to know which jumper to snip please? Thank you in advance.
handyman242018 months ago
fast and easy fix. saved me alot of $. thank u so much.
StarrLincoln9 months ago
I am having the same problem with my television LN40B500P3F but I don't see the wire wire labels jp852 on my 40". Does anyone know of any other wires that could solve the problem for my model?
bjsaint4210 months ago
Quick question: We're having this issue with our TV, but are hesitant about simply cutting the jumper. We're able to get our hands on a replacement board and would prefer to go that route, even with the extra cost, but before my Dad will let me attempt it he wants to know about any electric shock danger. Obviously I would unplug the TV before attempting to remove the board, but is there any chance of residual electrical charge I would need to consider?
Cush123 bjsaint429 months ago
I hope you have not spent any money replacing the board or what ever you want to replace. This absolutely really works, snip the wire labels jp852 and the problem is solved. I did it two days ago no money out of my pocket, free of charge. There was no kind of electric shock this a pain free fix. Snip it first and if it doesn't work then spend the money replacing the board, but I can tell you once you snip it the problem is solved.
Cush1239 months ago
Yes,yes,yes, this absolutely fixes the problem. I could not believe it once I put the tv back on the wall after snipping the jumper labeled jp852. Just keep in mind the image above is magnified so be aware the wire and the labels of the jumpers are much smaller. I used nail scissors to cut the wire. My tv is a Samsung 52 inch so the model number is a bit different but the board in the back of the tv is the same as in the image and the jumper is the same one. This is a great post thanks so much!
MonkeyWrenchG9 months ago
Hey y'all! Our 46" Samsung just started flickering this evening. (>_<)
Five minutes later I found this thread after a quick goggle search. I took the back off our TV (it's wall mounted so I had to remove the brackets as well - the brackets mount to the chassis through the TV back.)
FYI ours is an LN46C650 model... everything jibes with this post. Found the JP852 jumper, snipped it, problem fixed instantaneously. Thanks to all who posted before!!
eanda36 (author) 10 months ago
@bjsaint42: I can't say for certain about any residual electric charge if you replace the whole board. What's to say your new board won't end up with the same problem? If it were me, I would just cut the jumper. This instructable has over 30,000 views and not one person has reported an issue. Good luck!
mtocalcutta10 months ago
Thank you so much! We were sold this TV and brought it home and the flickering started! I was so distraught that someone would do that to us. My son cut that jumper cable tonight and it is working great! So far, NO flickering! Thank you. Also, thanks for posting it and sharing....
Xizor6611 months ago
Just registered for an account so I could say THANK YOU!
rsiggy11 months ago
I'm curious if you know what jumper needs to be cut on model # UN55D6900WF? Thanks very much
mikehall401 year ago
Hi there. I have a similar issue with my 40inch Samsung. I took the back off and looked all over the board for the named jumper. But all I can see is jw numbered jumperes. Nothing with JP, and only two digit numbers, ex jw85 vs jp852.

Is there a fix for this model, or does it perhaps need a new power supply
Any info would be greatly appreciated!

pete7771 year ago
I am having this issue with an LE46F86BD model, anyone know which Jumper I should cut?
jgoepfert1 year ago
Great step-by-step fix, thanks. It seems to have fixed the problem. Samsung reluctantly admitted that this "could fix" the problem when I got through to their ECR team (executive customer response). Great catch below by jnandrsn, there is one screw within the component jacks that doesn't stand out. That was the hardest part of the fix, besides the nerves from cutting a wire on a board.
jnandrsn1 year ago
Thanks for posting this, it solved my flickering problem! The instructions are good.

There are actually 18 screws on the back (there is a harder to find screw in between the two rows of component jacks). Also, don't worry too much about your TV falling off the stand with the screws out. It is sitting in a slot in the stand, you would have to lift it up about a quarter of an inch in order to make it fall over.

Thanks again for the fix!
rtirados1 year ago
My Samsung 650 46" have this flickering for months now. A month ago i found a temporary fix by turning off the ECO option, it worked for about a month then today Aug 30 2012 the flickering came back non-stop no matter how I make any adjustments or unplugging it off for hours. I knew about this fix of cutting the jumper JP852 but hold off till tonight. I cut this jumper, put back the back cover and re-hang the TV on the wall. Turned on and wahh-la, no flickering. It's been an hour now watching TV and dvd's and so far its fixed. Will everyone know if anything else happen.
Gaelic981 year ago
Cutting the jumper worked for me...for now---- but what about later. I'm an electrician and usually when something doesn't work there is a reason... maybe its a safety or something to protect a more expensive part, etc...

Anyone had any problems since they have 'fixed' theirs with the 'snip'?
Jbrandon61 year ago
I have a Samsung Model Number LN46C630K1FXZA, The Jumper Number on my power supply is jp837, not jp852. The input (input rating)and output (cold) is the same. Is this the same jumper to to cut?
Note: jp852 is up where your jp858 is.
tmeko1 year ago
Just did this on my 650 series (June 17 2012). Everything still works fine. Will let you know if it decides to go haywire again. I'm curious to know what that jumper is supposed to control, and what I just disabled by snipping it.
coady712 years ago
does anyone know what needs to be done to stop the same problem on the 650 series?

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