How to fix Samsung LN46C630 screen flickering issue

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The Samsung LN46C630 TV has a known issue with screen flickering after the warranty has expired.  Rather than pay $150 at your local repair show, fix it yourself in 15 minutes!

The fix for this issue is easy.  There is a jumper on the power supply named JP852.  If you cut that jumper, the screen flicker will no longer happen.  I do not know what JP852 is used for, but apparently there is a service bulletin from Samsung for this fix.  Thank you to Denise from an review (here) who provided the details on this fix.

Please assume this will void your warranty and potentially break your TV.  After doing this fix on my own, my TV has been running fine since February 18, 2012 .  I will update this guide if for some reason my TV stops working.

UPDATE June 14, 2012: It has been a few months and my TV still works great!
UPDATE December 31, 2012: My TV is still going strong.  NO ISSUES TO REPORT!
UPDATE March 16, 2013: All is well!  It has been over 12 months since I cut the jumper and everything still works as well as the day I bought it.
UPDATE June 19, 2013:  Still going strong.  NO ISSUES TO REPORT!

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Step 1: Symptoms

The symptoms of this issue are mostly described as "screen flickering".  It mostly happens intermittently at first, then gets progressively worse.  HDMI connections start first, then component, etc.  If the user turns the TV off, then on, it usually fixes the issue for a little while, but it eventually comes back.  After a month or two, the screen will flicker be permanent.

The model fixed in this tutorial is a LN46C630K1F.  This fix is supposed to work for all TVs in this class.  I did see something online about this issue happening on other Samsung TVs in a different class and the fix was cutting a different jumper.

Step 2: Remove the back cover of the TV

Picture of Remove the back cover of the TV
There are 18 screws (there is a harder to find screw in between the two rows of component jacks).  A normal sized Phillips head works.  If you are leaving this TV on the stand base, remove the bottom two screws last and be careful, it just sitting on that base without any screws!  I recommend replacing the bottom two screws after you have the back cover off so you TV does not fall off the base.

Step 3: Find the power supply

Picture of Find the power supply
The power supply is located where...  the power cord plugs in!

Step 4: Find jumper JP852

Picture of Find jumper JP852
Jumper JP852 is located on the power supply in the top left corner just below the 46.  It connects something labelled 'Input rating' and another labeled 'COLD'

Step 5: Cut jumper JP852

Picture of Cut jumper JP852
This is easy and you can probably just use scissors.  Cut the jumper on the middle and separate the wire so it doesn't touch.  Put the case back on the TV and you're done!
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I have a Samsung 55" led 3d TV model 8000. Will this fix work on it? The screen is flickering. Not going out or fading or motion freezing, but the brightness is flickering like a strobe light, hurting my eyes to watch. Seems like after it warms up a little while.
keramirez041 month ago
I have a 55 inch would this work for mine !!!!
William J.A3 months ago

My Samsung 46" television starting flickering or "strobing" about a month ago and had slowly gotten worse. After searching the internet I discovered the fix by cutting the jp852 jumper described in the Samsung service bulletin. I wasn't sure the TV would actually fire back up after cutting the jumper so I shopped around and decided what tv I would buy & where I would buy just in case the procedure didn't work. It took about 30 minutes to disassemble the TV, locate the jumper, snip it and reassemble. Guess what! It was an easy fix, the TV fired back up, it's been 2 weeks & it hasn't flashed once. Thanx, EANDA36.

yb19864 months ago

I have a Samsung UE46C8000 (xw) and had very awful blinking problem. Blinking was stronger with bright pictures. It went worse and worse by time...

In my condition, first i cut J852 and my tv didn't start. Than i soldered it and cut J970. Working perfectly about 4 days without blink. I've tested all tv fonctions too (e.g. usb ports, hdmi ports, speakers, optic audio ports etc...). There is no problem now.

I think, people having blinking problem should be looking for "input" section at power supply card. It's in a rectangle area. There is only one jumper near "input". Cut it...

DarrylP14 months ago

Worked on my 46" C610 (same board/jumper). Wonder how many Samsung tv's have ended up in the landfill when there is such a simple solution. One thing concerns me though. Could the flickering be caused due to something overheating? Is this fix creating a potential fire hazard if that is the case? The wire had to serve some purpose didn't it? Not especially worried, if something was going to happen it would happen sooner than later I would think. I'll just make sure its off if i'm not home. Thanks for saving me the cost of a new tv.

MustafaA74 months ago

Hallo ich habe das Modell LE46C530F1W und hat bei mir auch prima geklappt.

Vielen Dank an diejenigen die sich die die mühe gemacht haben und uns somit geholfen haben.

Hi-TechS5 months ago

i did it and everything is good, but in HDMI the screen is showing good, then the screen goes black and make the same!

PaulD125 months ago

Thanks for the tip, works well on my TV, I did it last night, I was a kind of skeptical, but I did it, and the results was phenomenal, great tip. Thanks Again.

Homestead, FL.

MiteshG15 months ago


i have samsung ua32eh6030 model and after finish 13 month of purchase its start flashing , can its have same psu board like you show in image, after very hard work serching solutions online only one here i ll get solution from you thats my hope

amdani75 months ago

i have model UN55F6350

pbedard25 months ago

that work with my ln46c610 nice thx for the fix

abbiet5 months ago

Wow, I didn't believe it would work, but it sure did! I can't thank you enough as you've just saved me a bundle. My husband was ready to buy a new TV. I was on the phone with Samsung's tech people and they said it was my cable box. Thank you again, Chabs15

mike.amstadt6 months ago

I did this 6 months ago and it works fine ... no more flickering !!!!

Did ur tv turn black and sound was still on ? My tv does flicker.
Did ur tv turn black and sound was still on ? My tv does flicker.
NukaCola6 months ago

I have this exact model with vertical rainbow lines showing up intermittently at the televisions start. Does cutting the jumper solve that issue as well?

i have a Samsung UA37D5000 model and it has a flickering issue
i tried opening the panel and i cant find the JP852 jumper... do you have an alternative fix for this particular model? has anyone encountered the same flickering issue with the same model? - thanks!

SabyN7 months ago

i have the LN46A550P3FXZC MODEL flickering wich wire i need to cut ?

woolhiser7 months ago

I have this same model and I've had the tv 5 years and now it strobes all the time. I have a friend coming over tonight with a screwdriver and we're going to try this. I'll let you know how it goes.

We did it, it works great now thank you for this fix!!! I was trying to save up money for a new tv and now I don't have to.

my samsung is acting up ,,the screen will go black for a 2 second pause. And this occurs at varying increments of time. Sort of like the blank screen you get when turning Chanel's but the channels are not being turned,,,,any one else having these symptoms with any remedy?


Are you aware of the same problem for the un46d600 serie? The symptoms seams to be the same.

Or can you show me where i can look for the repair solution.

Thank you very much

I am also having the same issue with the un46d600. Just started last night, way out of time on the warranty. I am tempted to open it up and see it looks the same but I don't want to cut any cables without knowing if they use the same fix. Any luck finding out?

naineshs7 months ago

Hi, I have a similar 40" model LN40530. Anybody who was able to fix it or another solution?


I am having the same problem with my television LN40B500P3F but I don't see the wire wire labels jp852 on my 40". Does anyone know of any other wires that could solve the problem for my model?

Hi, I have a similar 40" model. Were you able to find the jumper or another fix?


I own a Samsung LN40B530PF7 that is flickering and need the wire location to cut the jumper I appreciate any assistance with this issue. Thanks.

Hi, I have a similar 40" model. Were you able to find the jumper or another fix?


this totally worked i opened my set up about a dozen screws easy....and one clip of a jumper connection and boom my tv works perfectly.......THANKS SO MUCH YOU SAVED ME A FORTUNE!!!!!

hurray !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just saved $700.00 fixed it ourselves. my husband and i are estatic !!!!!!!!!!!!

hurray !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just saved $700.00 fixed it ourselves. my husband and i are estatic !!!!!!!!!!!!

kat3049 months ago

I've got the strobe issue on my LN-T4042H. Is there somewhere we can get the equivalents to the 852/854 cable for other models? I'm not finding anything for my model.

BTW: I had the clicking issue and replaced the capacitors about 6 months ago. Everything has worked perfectly until this strobe light effect started yesterday.

hassans19 months ago

I followed the steps above...and sure enough...TV works PERFECT. Thanks for saver. I was ready to go out and buy a new TV. Thanks!

korapati10 months ago

My tv model UA32F5500AR led, full hdmi How to fix flashing /blinking issue .COuld not find Jp852 or JP 854 what to do n how to solve

korapati10 months ago

My tv model UA32F5500AR led, full hdmi How to fix flashing /blinking issue .COuld not find Jp852 or JP 854 what to do n how to solve

korapati10 months ago

My tv model UA32F5500AR led, full hdmi How to fix flashing /blinking issue .COuld not find Jp852 or JP 854 what to do n how to solve

Andy5710 months ago

I am having this issue with an LE46F86BD model, anyone know which Jumper I should cut?

asif222111 months ago

I just did this on Samsung LN46C610 TV. The flickering started after I had the tv for only about 3 years. A week after my extended warranty expired took me about 15 minutes to locate the wire, J852, cut the wire, and reassemble the back. EASY! FIXED! these directions were so perfect and easy to follow. Thanks so much! ...june 29.2014

bn dean11 months ago

Thank you!

rexboyce1 year ago

Wow, this seemed too good to be true, but after 4 great years with this TV, it started a horrible strobe-light like flickering and I thought I would have to buy a new one. But, thanks to these odd, but great instructions, my TV picture is as good as ever!! THANK YOU! I even felt like I was defusing a bomb, like in the movies, that was cool too. Clip the right wire and save the TV

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