How to fix Starcraft's bad colors or color problem

Picture of How to fix Starcraft's bad colors or color problem
This is an instructable for fixing the bad graphic colors in Starcraft if your running Windows Vista or Windows 7.

There are 3 ways to do this, screen resolution window, run in Compatibility Mode, and a .bat file.

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Step 1: Screen Resolution Window

Picture of Screen Resolution Window
First, open the screen resolution window by right clicking on your desktop and going to screen resolution.

Now just run starcraft and it might work. If it doesn't try the next solution.

Step 2: Compatibility Mode Part 1

Right Click on your Starcraft or Starcraft Brood Wars application or shortcut and click on properties. You should see something like the picture.

Now click on the Compatibility tab.

Step 3: Compatibility Mode Part 2

Now click on all the checkmarks and run the program. There will be something to ask if you want to continue, just press "ok".

If this doesn't work you might want to uncheck the first box. You might want to try many different combinations.

If this doesn't work, try the last solution.

Step 5: Conclusion

Picture of Conclusion
I hope this helped. If none of the solution worked, sorry! Thanks