Picture of How to fix a Broken GM Key Fob
I had 3 broken key fobs, electronics were good, but casings were broken at the ring. I could have ordered new covers, but at a cost of around $20 dollars each and $40 shipping to was way over $100 with tax. My 10 year old GM is not worth that for keyrings.
This cost $1.25 + tax for wire and I have enough to fix 100 key fobs.
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Step 1: Tools

Picture of Tools
Assemble your tools. Drill with small bit, Pliers, 22 Gauge wire and coin.

Step 2: Open the Fob

Picture of Open the Fob
Pry it open with the coin

Step 3: Drill Holes

Picture of Drill Holes
Drill holes in the plastic

Step 4: Prepare Wire

Picture of Prepare Wire
Cut short length (about 1-1/2") of wire and bend

Step 5: Insert Wire

Picture of Insert Wire
Insert Wire in holes and pull through

Step 6: Bend wire

Picture of Bend wire
Bend the wire to line up with the groove in the case

Step 7: Close Fob case

Picture of Close Fob case
Align shells and press closed. Put the keyring through the wire and enjoy.

Step 8: Finished

Picture of Finished
I did the first one in about 10 minutes, the next two took me about 2 minutes each, no problems yet.
jim.rush.9067 months ago

Worked Like a Charm !! Thanks for the Good Advice !!

kev19689 months ago

Awesome fix! I have been trying to McGyver my FOB for months. This fix took no time and beats buying a new FOB.

Thanks again!

3366carlos1 year ago

this rocks

Hoopajoo3 years ago
Thanks for sharing this! My Holden Commodore has the exact same remote and with all the keys on my keeper, they don't last very long.
I tried this using a paperclip for the wire. I find the remote closes a little easier if you tuck the wire ends (after cutting them a little shorter) back under their entry points making a small loop with the wire. Perhaps the paperclip was the wrong gauge for doing this fix as illustrated, but it was what was handy and worked routing it the other way.