How to Fix a "bricked" Ipod Touch





Introduction: How to Fix a "bricked" Ipod Touch

Recently i was brought an iPod Touch 3g 8Gb to fix. The issue? This iPod was running 3.1.2 firmware and was jailbroken and under some unknown circumstance ended up bricked (I say unknown because it is not mine). Normally when a 3g is jailbroken it is teathered, meaning that if turned off it must be connected to the computer and re-jailbroken to turn it back on. This could be a big number of the problems that drew you to this instructable so i will cover that as well.

Note: I have only performed this on the aforementioned iPod so i do not know if this works on others.

Step 1: Tell the Difference Between Bricked and Tethered.

If you are seeing a plug and disc on the screen like the one below go to step 2 for instructions to fix this.

If your screen is black and will not come on at all skip to step 3 and go from there.

Step 2: Tethered

First off if you have a jailbroken iPod and you turn it back on you may see a screen with a plug and a disc like the picture below. This does not mean that your iPod is "bricked". the fix to this is actually quite easy. Just plug it into the computer and run thew software that you used to jailbreak it. For example, I use Blackra1n so i would plug in the ipod and wait for it to be recognized and then click the button thats says "make it rain" click okay at the popup window and wait.

Step 3: Bricked

This was a tricky fix as i could not find much info on it. The iPod was black and would not turn on, show the tethered icon, go into recovery mode or DFU mode. When i plugged it into itunes and tried restoring i got a error everytime. If you are having the same problem move to the next step.

Step 4: Get the Files You Need

You need to obtain a download of the ipod firmware. For example i used 3.1.2

Go to and go to the second drop down box and pick the firmware. The trick here is not to pick the 3g firmware. Pick the 2g even though your device is a 3g trust me i tried the 3g and nothing worked.

Step 5: Itunes Work

Next, open up iTunes and plug in the bricked iPod. you should get a message saying the ipod needs to be restored. If not your in bigger trouble then i my instead of just clicking the restore button, hold down the "shift" key and click it. this will bring up a popup menu like in the picture. Navigate your way to your newly downloaded firmware.

Step 6: Sit Back, Grab a Soda, and Watch.

What this will do is run through the process of reinstalling the new firmware on the ipod. at this point you should notice the screen turning on. YAY! let it do its thing and when all is said and done, you will have a brand new, fixed ipod that you can update to the newer firmware if desired.

Again this has only been done by me on a iPod 3g 8gb 3.1.2
I am not guranteeing its validity on any other iPod version.



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    but what if when I turn it on, it doesn't do the whole startup scripts and go past the opening screen? (jailbroken of course)

    If an iPod is Hard-Bricked it can't be fixed. That's what bricked means. If it can be fixed its only Soft-Bricked

    1 reply

    I never differentiated between hard and soft bricked, nor claimed to be able to fix a "hard" bricked iPod.

    I am hoping I can unsolder a chip from an ipod touch 4g 64 gb and on an ipod touch 4g 8gb with a heat gun. Then I can swap the chip from a bad ipod to a good ipod. I probably will need new firmware like you show you ipod needed. Does this seem possible?I thank you in advance.

    1 reply

    Im not 100% sure on the hardware side, but im not sure that transferring a chip is feasible. I would do some serious research. If an iPod has a similar architecture to a basic computer, the chip may not be backwards compatible. But theoretically if everything between the two is the same, except the memory, it may be possible. But again I have no idea ive never tried any kind of hardware modification on any iPod.

    Do you have to re-jail break it to then restore the ipod back to normal and also what if you don't know waht was originally used to jal break and tether it?

    2 replies

    You dont need to know what was used to jailbreak it... unless im taking that question out of context. and no you do not have to rejailbreak it after

    *what* and *jailbreak* that was suposed to read. ^

    Wanna know why the 3g software didn't work? It's because the 8Gb versions sold as 3g are actually 2g.

    5 replies

    that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. You cant get away with something like that


    What exactly can I not get away with? I'm pretty sure it must make some sense being that to date I have now fixed 4 iPods using this method and I know many others who have too. I don't see by what means you say this makes no sense. Please do a little research before critisizing on someone elses hard work.

    I was talking to Kirbsome, I actually don't even know why you saw this comment, Sorry if I confused you or got you angry.


    Oh im sorry i was informed of your comment while i was on my ipod and it didnt show you as replying to Kirbsome! it just showed as a comment. My apologies

    Trust me, they can.
    I got ripped off and I'm pissed.
    Tell the world.


    Haha didn't even notice that. I also don't know why urban dictionary is up lol

    i can see that you were making the instructable (in a different tab) when you were on the website