Introduction: How to Fix a Broken Bicycle Pump

This instructable is on how to fix a bicycle pump that has a hose that is cracked at the base. Hope it is useful to you. Pease like comment and vote!!

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Well this is The pitiful list of tools and materials:) 1 Broken bicycle pump
                                                1 Utility knife
                                                1 Flathead screw driver
                                                1 Tiny hose clamp 

Step 2: Remove and Cut Hose

All you have to do here is pull the hose off then cut off the cracked section. A picture says a million words :)

Step 3: Attach the Hose and Clamp

First thing to do here is slide the hose clamp (pre tightened to the size of the hose) over the hose and shove the hose onto the hose barb (the pointy thing you pulled it off of). Then making sure the hose covering is under the clamp start tightening the clamp (over the barb). Once again a picture says a million words :)

Step 4: Fill Something With Air

Now you are all done test it out and then fill somthing with air for example a car tire,a bicycle tire,a tree e.t.c. Hope this was useful to you and once again Thanks for reading!! Please like comment and vote!!


wumpsdad (author)2015-11-16

how to fix if its the other end thats cracked? thats what I need.

camping crazy (author)wumpsdad2015-11-16

This one is about the best I have seen And still only fifteen dollars, if its a good pump you'd be putting it on more than worth the money.

camping crazy (author)wumpsdad2015-11-16

You could cut the chuck off and try something like these:

Amazon may not be any good to you if you are in a hurry but you might find something locally depending on where you live. Hopefully that helps you!!

camping crazy (author)2014-01-15

Yep it works good with any type of hose!! Thanks for commenting!!

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