Hello inventors, this is my first instructable. Hope that this proves helpful for some people like me, who broke their hp printer's door hinge and made it piece of plastic of no use.
This guides you how to fix a broken printer door hinge and make the door sensor work.
This is a very known bug in HP officejet printers. When you Open the door in order to change the cartridges or remove a jammed paper after a long time since the door was lifted, the hinges gets stuck and cracks. And that;s when you screwed it up.There are no repairs available with HP aswell. They'll charge your pockets on fire if you get the upper section replaced, no matter your product is under warranty or not.
So, if you have not yet cracked the door hinges, put some silicon oil or any other suitable lubricant between the hinges.
later we'll also fix a broken door sensor trigger, in this instructable.
OK, now we need the following things:

1. 3 Small size door hinges - refer image
2. Epoxy Putty
3. Industrial glue
4. Duck tape
5. Hexalobular star screw driver(maybe different headers for other models/printers
6. Screw bridge or any alternative similar shaped piece of plastic for the broken door sensor trigger

Here we go.......

Step 1: Unscrew and remove the broken hinges

Unscrew all the screws and remove all the plastic covers and hinges as we dont need this mechanism anymore. The upper and lower part of hinges are clip attached.
you need a Hexalobular star screw header for HP printers.
There is a plastic cover where inside are the two screws of the upper section of the hinge , then two screws on the other side of the door.
Remove them all. Make sure you dont damage the wires connecting the upper section.
<p>Life Saver! Thank you so much!</p>
<p>just what i needed</p>
<p>Yahoooeeee! I can't believe I found this on a whim Google search after I snapped my hinge on this exact printer! Sadly I have already beat on it, twisted it and what not and have exposed the flat white plastic cable cords?? to the scanner. Think all hope is lost?</p>
<p>I'd say probably not, guessing you've already tossed it but if you haven't there are just a couple of ribbon cables providing those aren't damaged you maybe able to salvage them.... give it a shot, you really have nothing to lose.</p>
<p>Thanks K - I actually did save it and have been using it without a hich. The cables were fine once I got them stuffed back in, it was just the hinge. Thanks again :-)</p>
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