Introduction: How to Fix a Detached Valve From the Inner Tube

For the begining, I am sory for my bad english. So, let's start the instructable.

One day I ride my  mountain bike in the middle of nowhere  where I made a flat tire. No problem I said, I have my pump, patches and glue, so I started fixing. When I opened the tire I saw that the valve was broken. Civilization had to be done about 25-30 km, the phone signal was missing so after a swearing series I started looking for solutions. After 15 minutes of thinking, bike and nature study for solutions, I foud to the following solution:

I took off two washers from the brake, I put glue on the end of the valve, put one washer on the valve and I stuffed the valve and the washer in the inner tube. I spread glue solution on the outside of the tube, I put the other washer over the tube, then I screwed the nut that holds the valve normally. I mounted the tube and the tire on the wheel. If you like this instructable, please vote! Now, let's see all steps.

Step 1:

I put glue on the end of the valve and put one washer on the valve.

Step 2:

I stuffed the valve and the washer in the inner tube. I put some glue on the washer side in contact with the tube.

Step 3:

I spread glue solution on the outside of the tube, I put the other washer over the tube

Step 4:

I screwed the nut that holds normally the valve.

Step 5:

I mounted the tube and the tire on the wheel, I inflated it, and SUCCES. I could continue my ride. After about 5 days my wheel was deflated. I change the tube and I made this Instructable.
If I had some wider washers, my wheel wouldn't deflated and I wouldn't needed to remove the tube again.


LeighM20 made it!(author)2016-05-17

Thank you, worked like a charm!!

elpayo made it!(author)2016-01-10

Great idea !!

bettina-sisr made it!(author)2015-03-20

AWESOME! And I loved "after my swearing series" because I too have those:-) I am currently working on a huge tractor inner-tube so this may work for me. Thanks

ottawafm made it!(author)2014-07-20

Great instructable! Look on youtube for the user: Leendert Pot entitled "solution". They show how to repair a tire with just a piece of string!

elljay.q made it!(author)2013-10-26

Excellent! This happened to me too. Got to through some washers in my kit! :)

beatmakers made it!(author)2013-01-16


Yard+Sale+Dale made it!(author)2012-11-15

Interesting. I drilled all my rims for Shraeder valves. I can use Presta or Shraeder tubes.

extrem made it!(author)2012-11-16

For race bikes I don't find Shraeder valve tubes. Of course, Shrader valves are better, but and I don't want to change the valves for every new race tube.

Yard+Sale+Dale made it!(author)2012-11-16

If the rims are drilled for Shrader (slightly larger), Presta tubes can work fine in them, especially with rubber grommets, or small spacers made from bic pen tubes. It opens the range of tubes that can be used, especially in a breakdown situation.

extrem made it!(author)2012-11-16

I agree. But not for all kind of bikes you can find Shrader valve tubes, so it's useless to drill the rims.

Yard+Sale+Dale made it!(author)2012-11-16

Interesting. What size rims and tires are you using? If it's 700c, economical schrader replacements are easily available by nominal 27"x1 tubes, with long threaded valves for aero rims, and standard valves for box rims.

snotty made it!(author)2012-09-10

Great fix! I'll need this some day. Thank you very much.

FriendOfHumanity made it!(author)2012-09-06

Hey, that's a very cool emergency repair.

notingkool made it!(author)2012-09-05

great! i try similar solutions, but no one work, hahaha. so i stop using presta valves y start using schraeder. Thanks for the idea, i will give it a try one of this days.

extrem made it!(author)2012-09-05

maybe you screw the nut too tight and the washer slipped.

1tri2god made it!(author)2012-08-31

Awesome job! And your english was thank you very much for contributing! I hadn't of thought of this, but had this happen to me! (Un)Fortunately, there's a cellular signal everywhere I ride. Great for tricky valve fixes...bad for getting away!

rimar2000 made it!(author)2012-08-31

Thanks for sharing, this is very useful.

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