How to Fix a Loose Ring With Tape and Clear Fingernail Polish





Introduction: How to Fix a Loose Ring With Tape and Clear Fingernail Polish

After losing a lot of weight my wedding ring would no longer stay on my finger. Normally it might not be a big deal to get it resized except that my ring is made out of tungsten carbide. So I either get a new ring - or figure out how to make this one fit better.

If you have a ring that can't be resized or maybe a metal ring with an intricate pattern on it that you don't want to interrupt this little trick works great!

This is a better alternative to the metal ring guards some jewelers install that have to fold around the outside of the ring or plastic tubing that is too ungainly and sharp for a permanent solution. With this trick no one can even tell you've changed anything..

This is a slightly different version of another instructable that can be found here:

Some people wrap tape or dental floss around their rings, and there are some liquid solutions that can be applied that when dry will reduce the interior diameter a bit. This instructable uses some adhesive tape and fingernail polish that you can find in any drugstore.

Step 1: What You'll Need..

1.) Roll of thick adhesive tape that can be cut into strips - the Nexcare Absolute Waterproof First Aid Tape - 1 inch width I used was great. It was thick and spongy and easy to cut. I found it in the bandages/first aid section of the drug store.

2.) Razor blade (and cutting board) or scissors

3.) Clear nail polish

4.) Nail polish remover (acetone) if you make a mistake or need to remove the nail polish.

Step 2: Resizing the Ring

Cut a strip of tape thinner than the ring. Since the razor blade was longer than the 1 inch width tape I could make a straight cut all the way across simply by pressing down on it over a cutting board. If you need to use more than one thickness of tape put two small pieces of tape on top of each other and use the razor blade to cut through both at the same time to trim them to the same size. Peel the tape off the cutting board and press it inside the ring as shown. Then apply the clear nail polish over the top and to the sides of the tape. Let it dry overnight and you're good to go.


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I'm going to do this tomorrow! Thank you so much for the help! What is the point of the nail polish? Does it work as a type of sealant or something?

The nail polish seals the tape and prevents it from peeling and degrading from water or abrasion. I wear my ring every day (over 1 1/2 years now) and have never had to add a new coat. I'll attach a picture of what it looks like now. Instead of layering two pieces on top of each other I attached one layer opposite of the other on the inside (see photo).


Awesome, that's what I figured! Thanks again for the help!!

I wonder if this will work with gold and the nail polish won't react to it?

Has anyone have any success using this method on gold rings?

Can I do that im my platinum wedding band?