Introduction: How to Fix a Plug and Play Satellite Radio.

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Before you get started, you’ll need to determine the best location to mount the satellite radio on your dashboard or column, and you’ll need a socket driver, screwdriver and wire cutters

Step 1:

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On the outside of your vehicle, determine the best location to mount the antenna.

Step 2:

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Consider a place close to a window where it will be easy to hide the cable. Most antennas will have a magnetic base making the attachment simple

Step 3:

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Once this is done, mount the suction cup to the windshield and then re-assemble it.

Step 4:

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Finding a location to mount the bracket is important, so make sure it’s easy to access, will not be difficult to use while you’re driving and won’t interfere with any of your dash controls or the air bag.

Step 5:

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Connect all of the wires to the cradle and re-insert the radio.

Step 6:

Make sure to test the operation of the unit and the FM mode so you know everything is operating properly. Since most satellite companies require a monthly fee, make sure you have set up your account ahead of time so you can enjoy your music right away.

Now you’re ready to enjoy satellite radio. 


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