How to fix a slowly charging android smartphone + enhanced privacy

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Hey all, time for the third Punk Love Designs Identification Contest! This one's a doozy but the prize this time is 1 year of pro service:

A small collection of unusually colored white moss was found growing vigorously on three large rocks at the edge of/ in the stream running alongside War Spur Trail in Pembroke, Virginia. It completely coated the upper surface of three adjacent rocks in a lone, isolated patch with no additional growth in comparable areas. The white coloration may have been a temporary seasonal effect, as each growth showed a slight green tinge at the base. However, the moss appeared vigorous with no apparent ill effects.

The first correct identification commented here with means of identification wins the code for a full year off Instructables Pro Service. The winner will be chosen from available answers on St. Patrick's Day, 3/17/2013.

Good Luck!
James Schlitt


For the past two weeks my phone has been getting more and more difficult to keep charged. The initial symptom was slow charging/ finickiness with chargers. This showed on higher amperage chargers that normally worked quickly. Eventually, the phone would charge barely if at all on the best of chargers and slowly lose charge on the others. I also noticed an increasing frequency of connect/ disconnect notifications when plugged into my laptop via USB as well as frequent failure to mount as detachable storage. This left me in a cycle of powering down the device to charge slowly as I slept and scrounging for battery life as I was awake.

What follows is a step by step guide as I diagnosed the issue from easiest to hardest to fix cause. Please be aware that some of these procedures may damage your phone if you make a mistake or simply run into bad luck, so consider carefully whether it is worth your time to repair this on your own versus going through a paid or warrantied repair service.

For me, as my phone is tweaked exactly as I like it and has important documentation on it, it was crucial that I do not lose data as would be expected during a factory motherboard replacement.
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Aiciled1236 months ago
This was a particularly helpful article. It reminded me of some simple things I should be doing to enhance battery performance. It also reminded me to watch out for insidious software wanting to track a person locations. That's why I don't download a lot of games, they seem free, but you pay the price for your enjoyment behind the scenes as they pilfer and sell your info out to others.
jimmytvf1 year ago
this happened to me with my HTC wildfire S. I just replaced the battery and worked as good as new. i tried all of this, removing all the dust of the usb connection, i bought another USB, i removed suspicious apps, and i came to the conclusion of 2 factors: 1. the battery and 2. the internal phone stuff. Luckily, only was the battery, a cheap 7€ solution (I bought a blank brand battery)
good instructable too, i can't edit now :(
J-Five1 year ago
OK so that's what the whiskey is for!!!
lpdunwell1 year ago
this is not how android works. only because apps show up in a task lister doesn't mean they're running. they only got loaded into memory for quick starting times if you actually use them. using android: only full ram is good ram.

also for the chargers: only because the wall wart delivers 2.1A doesn't mean it charges faster than a 1A. The current regulation is done by the charging circuit inside the phone.


Punk Love Designs (author)  lpdunwell1 year ago
Thanks for the article. The article itself notes the presence of runaway processes, and is wary not to take a firm position. Did you see the article linked to under angry birds? If I am losing some performance closing cached processes unwarily and relative to the benefit of closing runaway processes, it is still worthwhile to me for the enhanced privacy aspect of the article:

A 1A charger intended for my phone will certainly charge faster than my 300mA spare charger or for that matter a PC USB port, even if my phone is regulated to 700mA max.
I already downloaded an app killer. I am past warranty so now to take care of bloatware. Thanks a lot.

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