Step 4: Lubing

Now we relube the pins. Pour a little oil  on a paper towel and generously coat the pin. Machine grade oils work best since they penetrate metal well, keep out dirt, and don't break down easily. I use the bar oil for my chainsaw. DO NOT use food grade oil like vegetable oil. And don't even try WD-40, it might be a great product, but it isn't a lubricant. 
<p>This didn't work for me. The problem seemed to be pressure on the hinge from the weight of the door rather than the pin itself, as the hinge squeaked even when the pin was out. I simply loosened the hinge a quarter of a turn on each screw and the pressure and resulting squeak were gone!</p>
Instead of oil/grease, you may also use parafin as lubricant; just rub the parafin on the pin... <br>And if the wooden door or doorframe are a bit offline and rub on each other, parafin will reduce the friction.
Gun oil also works very good.
I've never done it like this - I always cover them in WD40. :P But this seems like a much nicer long term solution. Good tips, too!

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