Step 5: Connecting directly to the modem

Picture of Connecting directly to the modem
If you are using a router which seems to be connecting properly but still cannot access the internet, the problem may be that it is not adequately providing the signal to your computer.

1. Unplug the end of your ethernet cord from the back of the router and plug it directly into the computer.
2. Open up the command prompt by bringing up the "Run" menu (Windows key + R if it is not in your start menu) and typing "cmd"
3. Type into the command prompt "ipconfig/release" and wait a few seconds.
4. Type into the command prompt "ipconfig/renew." You should see a new set of values come up.
5. Test your connection one last time.

If you were now able to connect, your problem may have been an issue with your router. Contact the tech support for your router to determine what needs to be done to resolve the issue. If you still cannot connect, proceed to the final step.
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