Introduction: How to Fix an Umbrella (replacing a Plastic End)

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Ok so I have this umbrella that I love and take good care of...  but the other day started raining... I used it and when I got home and open it to let it dry, I found that one of the plastic ends was missing... Here's how I fixed the problem... (sorry for the bad photos)

Before you start... I gotta say that I've lost 2 plastic ends of this one, so... I recomend when you buy an umbrella reinforce all thread stitches on it... so you don't have this problem... also the stitches at the middle of each rib tend to unstitch pretty easy... and leaving them lose might twist the ribs...

Step 1: Materials

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You need
- the umbrella
- a candle 
- pliers
- needle and thread
- cutter
- a thin nail
- matches or a lighter
- a glue bar

Step 2: Measure and Cut the Glue Bar

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Ok so I'm using the glue bar as material to make a "plastic" end for my umbrella... so...
Measure the ends of the umbrela and cut the glue bar to match the lenght

Step 3: Shape a Side

Picture of Shape a Side

Using the cutter shape a side of the glue-bar-end... (be careful I lost part of my fingernail in this step)... it doesn't need to be perfect or too look that good...

Step 4: Improve the Shape

Picture of Improve the Shape

Using the candle improve the shape to get it round... (don't heat it too much or the glue will drop)

Step 5: Make the Holes to Stitch It

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Heat the nail on the candle flame using the pliers... then "drill" though and though so you can stitch the glue-bar-end to the umbrella...
A second hole will be needed to place it on the umbrella's rib...

Step 6: Stitch the New "end"

Picture of Stitch the New "end"

Ok... so the "plastic" end is done... all you have to do is stitch it with thread... and place it on the umbrella's rib...

Step 7: Get Ready to the Next Rain

Picture of Get Ready to the Next Rain

So the umbrella is as great as new... I hope you find this useful...


crow1916 (author)2017-10-09

You beauty!!! Just fixed my expensive Lisbeth Dahl brollies with your method. Utterly brilliant. You can also paint them with enamel pens to be even less conspicuous. Thanks so much!!

Rainy Day Wolf (author)crow19162017-10-10

I'm glad you could fix it... also great enamel idea

jcl541 (author)2013-11-27

What is a glue bar and where do you get it?

Rainy Day Wolf (author)jcl5412013-11-27

glue bar or glue stick.... it's a hot melt glue stick... basically a silicone bar... it's a very common type of glue that requires a glue gun to melt...

jcl541 (author)Rainy Day Wolf2013-11-27

Thanks. I'll give it a go.

Dryboater (author)2013-07-28

Thanks! I have 2 nylon golf umbrellas that lost tips otherwise in great shape, I was frustrated not being able to fix them like I do metal umbrellas which tend to keep tips but tear threads. You solved it, thank you

Rainy Day Wolf (author)Dryboater2013-07-28

^^ I'm glad you find it useful

davidkichi (author)2011-01-01

Wow, reading this instructable gave me the mental idea for recycling plastic pen caps by drilling holes in it, gluing and sewing them to the end of the missing or broken metal spines. Thanks!

that's a great idea!... I'm so glad this instructable was of use ^^

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