Picture of How to fix broken slat in blinds.
My wife and I purchased our first house in August. One of  the minor problems we noticed when we moved in was a broken slat in the blinds. We weren't too concerned with it because it had been hot glued by the previous owner and seemed to be working just fine. After a few weeks of being here the glue wore out. We spent a few weeks balancing it on the strings to make it appear closed, but it would always fall apart a few times a day. I had never thought about blinds as being something repairable, but realized something such as this shouldn't be trashed based on a single broken slat.

I did a search on Instructables and found many different things for blinds but none that involved repairing the broken slats. I found some instructions online but none with pictures. The fix is very simple and the pictures may not be necessary, but I know I would've gone into it with more confidence than I had.
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Step 1: Identify the problem and intended solution

My problem is obvious. The slat is broken right in the center. Fortunately the blinds are too long for the window and there are a few extra at the bottom. The plan is to remove the broken slat and replace it from one on the bottom.

Step 2: Find and remove the plugs

On the bottom of every set of blinds are at least 2 plugs holding and covering the lift strings. These are easily removed with a flat-head screw driver. You can then pull the lift string through the hole and either untie or cut off the knot. If you're removing a slat you will have plenty of extra string and can afford to cut the knot off as I did.

Thank you bunches! I had so many slats in my blinds. I was beginning to think i would have to go and have them replaced. You saved me bunches of money. and it looks like there were no broken pieces at all. I will pass this on to people I know that have blinds. It is well worth knowing.

tyrion17056 months ago

These are great instructions, and I have similar blind with some broken slats. Where did you get the extra slats?

CazzPhoenix (author)  tyrion17056 months ago

When the blinds were fully extended there was several at the bottom below where the window ended. There's no reason to have those so one of them became the replacement.

rmarshall1211 months ago

My blinds don't have a knot at the bottom, when I remove the plugs, there is string that goes around a plastic loop then goes back up. How would I remove blinds from this?

CazzPhoenix (author)  rmarshall1211 months ago

Inside the hole the plugs were in should be the string where the knot is. It's the center string.

swisel1 year ago
pretty cool
Lorddrake1 year ago
Great IBLE. I did not realize these were repairable.

some ideas for rethreading.
- in order to prevent the end fraying you can add a wrap of scotch tape to the end to make an improvised aglet
- for getting the string through the bottom you can use a needle and thread to go through the hole first and tie the thread to the string to pull it through
CazzPhoenix (author)  Lorddrake1 year ago
Great ideas, scotch tape would've been perfect. I did think of the needle and thread idea but since it won't be seen when finished I found no real reason to keep it from fraying.