Step 2: Prepare for soldering

Picture of Prepare for soldering
Plug in your soldering iron, and get that board ready for soldering!

First you will need to scratch the enamel coating off of the motherboards traces that you want to solder to. If you are just soldering from solder pad to solder pad, then just skip this step. If you are not, keep on reading, I recommend you continue reading even if you aren't soldering to the traces.

Start at one end of the trace.
Follow the trace and find the end of it as well. It was easy for me because it was fairly wide, this may not always be the case.
After you found the start and the end of the trace, find the spots on the trace where the trace was burned through.
Before and after the burn spot, scratch away some of the enamel coating by taking your exacto (box cutter) knife or screwdriver and scratching at the trace until you see silver or a gold/ bronze color, DONT scratch any more, you have now made a spot you can solder to. repeat this for every spot you need to. take into account any spots where the trace passes through to the other side of the board, make sure that these stay connected too.

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