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EDIT: 03/09/12 (09/03/12 for you silly ol 'murricans, teehee) So this is the first time I've checked up on the instructable in over a year, honestly you'd think it wouldn't take me this long to realise Gmail was filtering out the notification emails as spam.
Anyhow; At the time of writing here in the UK I was told that this was not covered under warranty and that I would have to pay £150 to have the board replaced. It seem in other countries samsung are somewhat more benevolent and that since the time of writing some sort of legal action has occurred regarding the subtle design flaws that have a tendency to show themselves just after your warranty expires. So should you be in some kind of mental debate over the options available to you DO NOT open up your TV first. Phone Samsung, see if your model is on this list, read up on the legal situation wherever you live.
It seems I was also borderline illiterate at the time of writing so at some point I will be re writing this in a comprehensible manner.

if your looking at this then you probably have a samsung tv thats broken. This instructable is for how to fix one of the most common faults in samsung LCD tvs. This applies to pretty wide range of models, but in short the ones with the piano black bezel are all affected (That is those with the problem are all fixable in this way). when you turn the tv on it should click once. this problem is that it clicks more than once. first twice, then 5 times then ten then 50 and so on, until eventually it takes about 10 minutes to turn on. Here is how you can fix that problem

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Step 1: What you need

Picture of what you need

to do this you need a few things

1)a soldering iron (30 watts or over)
3)some sidecutters
4)some needlenose pliers
and 5) 2 screwdrivers (a big one and a smaller one)
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sstiefel3 years ago
I called Samsung. There is some settlement on some brands of Samsung LCD TV's sold before 2008. I spoke to a nice lady at 888-899-7602 who asked for my model number and serial number, then took my info to arrange for a local repairman to come by within 1-2 days to check the capacitor and replace the power components at no charge. SO glad I read this page and called Samsung before having it shipped off and spending a lot of money. Hopefully I will get extended life from this TV set with this servicing.
Thank you so much for that number! I called and a technician is coming out in the next couple days! I had already bought the capacitor kit, but oh well, maybe I'll need them in the future.
Thank you so much for posting that information. I just called and the serviceman is coming out on Thursday. 100% legit. Now my boyfriend is sad because he has no good excuse to buy a new telly. :-)
Thank you for posting this! I called Samsung and they sent out a repairman at no cost to me (Canadians have to call Samsung Canada). My TV is working fine now but the repair guy said the capacitors will blow out again after a few years.
bulldogpcs3 years ago
That number is 100% legit

Thanks you so much sstiefel. The lady was great and as long as your model is on that chart I posted then it's 100% free. My tv is a LN46A550 and on the list she said within 2 days the service center will call to come to my home. It will cover Power Supply and capacitor repair. I am very good with a solder iron so I was totally willing to do the repair but, I'll let them.

What sux for me I bought my tv 3yrs and 7 months ago and bought the 3 yr replacement plan I could have gotten a brand new tv if this happened a little sooner.
ElectroSoftInc. made it!2 hours ago

I had the same issue with my Samsung TV. Eventually the clicking stopped and the TV wouldn't even turn on. Thankfully, my family owns an electronics manufacturing company. I opened the TV, took out the board, had it fixed THAT DAY (we had capacitors in stock) and the TV worked fine. My husband is super excited that I saved us money because he didn't have to buy a new TV.

For those of you who do not solder, are worried about damaging the pads from removing and replacing the capacitors, or are just not confident about doing this project, I understand. If you are interested in having a professional electronics manufacturer fix the board issue, you can reach out to us at : Reference the issue in your email. You can check out the company online at

The bread and butter of the business is manufacturing for the Department of Defense and other large institutions, but in between projects, I've requested production work in a few board repairs as they are all certified soldering professionals.

VeronicaE216 days ago

I have a 60" Samsung plasma tv that turns on but shows no picture. Once it does come on its fine and never goes off until it is shut off but will not turn on immediately . Could someone point me in a direction to look for as regards to repair and parts needed.

Just got off the phone with Samsung. Painful conversation. Talked to three levels of customer service and got no satisfaction. I wish I had the last 15 minutes of my life back.

SinSister2 months ago
I'm a disgruntled Samsung Xustomer atm. Called cust supp to be pushed to "exec cust supp" and he was no more help. I had the BOARD replaced in my LN40A450C1DXZA months after purchasing it because of the same symptoms. This time, now that the thing won't turn on AT ALL, I've apparently missed the "extended" period for the lawsuit settlement (BY 13 DAYS!) and they would not help me at all except to give me the 800# for the parts department, which is conveniently closed on weekends (it's Saturday AM as I write this). Their website doesn't even LIST any of the possible parts mentioned in this post or the comments, and I simply don't understand enough about electronics to jump online and start ordering parts and soldering stuff. I'm afraid my 7 year old, $1200 LCD is en route to the electronics recycling center and I'm quite pissed off about it. Any last recommendations before Samsumg gets one last giant middle finger from me and I start shopping their competitor's products? TIA!

Sorry correction that was 1-40" (sensitive key) :)

2/14/2015 I just got off the phone with Samsung, I have 3 TV's all doing the same thing. 2 - 46" LN46A550 and 11-40" LN40A530. I was told that they were out of warranty and had to pay for the repairs myself, that was after spending an hour on the phone and talking with the Executive Relations Department. I told them that it is a shame that they are aware of the issue and limited the time that people could be covered for repairs. I had 4 Samsung TV's all together 1 of which was under warranty with the same issue and Sears replaced the TV at full value, now that my extended warranty is over of course I can not go back on Sears for this. This a crying shame. I bought 4 TV's all Samsung at Sears 6 years ago, the cost was near 7000.00 and I have not one to show for it!

Omg, ok I am BEYOND thrilled!!! I read the comments from everyone about how samsung will replace the parts and labor for free, but since it's been so long (Currently Feb. 2015) I wasn't sure if it would work.

Anyways, I decided to give it a try(what can it hurt right??!!), and after 5 calls, each where I got "disconnected"(not sure if that was purposeful or not!) I got transfered to the right department. At first the lady insisted that the extended warranty was over and she couldn't help me, so very calmly and politely I said, "you know I've heard so many wonderful things about your services, and how you pride on your excellent customer service, may I please speak to your supervisor"? Well, it took a couple times of me asking(5x) before she said "ok, let me place you on a brief hold". I waited about 3 min. b4 she comes back(same lady) and she says, "J******, Thank you for holding, we don't normally do this, but as a one time courtesy we will cover your repair, here is your ticket number 412......"

So, it DOES work. Be persistent, POLITE, patient, and....persistent!! Also as mentioned in the above comments make sure it is a "412....." ticket number you are given!

Best of luck!!

I'm trying to get this taken care of as I type. My TV went on the fritz yesterday. So far I can say that if you get Brian (2356) in the Dominican Republic's Executive Customer Relations department hang up and try again. He is rude, belligerent and tells me that there are no supervisors in his department.

cowright5 months ago

UPDATE (12/10/2014): The capacitor warranty mentioned below, which was provided by Samsung, ended in late 2013 or early 2014. The issue with my LN46A650A1F just started happening last weekend (12/7/2014). So the website and # below in previous posts are no longer active. But by me being persistent, Samsung agreed to cover the parts and labor. Here's how:

I called Samsung support at (800) 726-7864. The first support tech transferred me to an executive support tech. That tech refused to cover the parts & labor since it was out of warranty, but he confirmed by me serial # that my TV would have been covered if the warranty settlement date hadn't passed. When I was persistent and said I read good things about Samsung's customer service online regarding this issue, he transferred me to a capacitor support tech (now we're getting somewhere!). This third tech offered me a "one time service courtesy" to cover the cost of the new capacitor and power supply. When I asked if the labor was previously covered under the capacitor warranty settlement, she said it was. So naturally, I requested that too. After placing me on hold to ask her supervisor, they agreed to cover BOTH the parts AND the labor. So Samsung stepped up and did the right thing, which I would expect them to do since they sold customers faulty equipment in the first place. But it took some persistence on my part, and a little bit of patience and pushing with asking the right questions to get this fully taken care of by Samsung.

rogeri cowright3 months ago

Thank you for posting this. I was told that labor would not be covered, and your post motivated me to peruse the fully covered repair. After several calls, Samsung agreed to cover labor as a one time courtesy.

PaulM16 cowright4 months ago

Hello cowright- I called today and was marched thru the different departments loke you. I was offered free parts, but no labor and asked if a supervisor could do any different. I was told one would not be able to help, but asked anyways. They are supposed to call me back. Any advise from you? I'd love to reference your case somehow to show that Samsung will cover labor despite what they told me.

rogeri PaulM163 months ago

I was able to get them to cover parts and labor. I had to call several times, on two different days, and probably spoke to three different people in "the capacitor department." My advice is call multiple times until you reach someone who offers to cover the labor. If they say no, ask to speak with a supervisor. Overall, be as polite as possible. The people on the phone don't make the rules, and they aren't going to offer you a courtesy if you're a jerk to them.

cowright PaulM164 months ago

Hey bro, unfortunately, I don't have a case # at the moment. It was a process to get this all approved, so be persistent.

after they approved it, the local repair vendor they referred me to
said the labor was not showing up in their system as being covered by
Samsung. So even after it was approved, I had to call Samsung back
again, and have them call the local repair shop to confirm that labor
was also included. So make sure that whoever you're speaking to at
Samsung takes good notes in their system. So if they do approve
everything and you speak to someone else later, they can look it up in
the system to confirm that.

If you don't get both comped, let me know and I'll try to get my case # for you, or something like that, if it will help you.

JeffK63 months ago

I had a similar issue with power cycling, however my capacitors were not bad. I discovered the RF control module was the culprit and resolved the issue.

dana.bovill3 months ago

Followup from 3 days ago: Samsung rep arrived during scheduled time frame. Quickly replaced capacitor and power supply in less than 10 minutes. TV continued with same problem: did not turn on w/a continuous click. Now states needs a $250 main control board replaced. I paid $2k+ for the TV and it is rarely used as it is in a bedroom. The new part only has a 30 day guarantee. Appears the new part can be purchased for $70 though I know nothing about electronics and how to install a main control board. Appears the fee for this item might be a way for Samsung to recover costs incurred with the capacitor and power supply.

TimR63 months ago

Trying to replace all black capacitors but Is it safe to touch the brown power board before remove it ? The instruction did not mention how to discharge the capacitors before de-soldering. Is it safe if tv was not turn on for 1hr ?

DanielH123 months ago

Why I have to buy Samsung TV and buy the solder kit and learn to fix capacitors problem ?

I have Samsung TV with faulty capacitors. After many hours of phone calls, Samsung refused to have free service !!! They asked for US$100/hr labor. I think
I can fix myself but wait a minute

Why I have to buy Samsung TV and buy the solder kit and learn to fix capacitors problem ?

DanielH123 months ago

Why I have to buy Samsung TV and buy the solder kit and learn to fix capacitors problem ?

I have Samsung TV with faulty capacitors. After many hours of phone calls, Samsung refused to have free service !!! They asked for US$100/hr labor. I think
I can fix myself but wait a minute

Why I have to buy Samsung TV and buy the solder kit and learn to fix capacitors problem ?

DanielH123 months ago

I have LNT Samsung with bad capacitors. Service rep said Samsung covers for the capacitors only (US $0.99), customers have to pay for the labor US$100/hr.

Will buy new TV but not Samsung

dana.bovill4 months ago

I appreciate all the previous legwork in earlier comments especially comments from sstiefel . I spent several hours on this capacitor/power supply issue for Model LN-S4041D/AA irt the Class action law suit entitled Russell, et al. v., Samsung Electronics America, Inc. In conjunction with comments from sstiefel on 12/10/2014, here are some helpful hints:

On my initial call, I was assigned a ref number and advised to call the Authorized Service Center @ 888-476-3387 for assistance w/repairs. The ASC rep advised me I would need to pay $130 if in fact I was experiencing a capacitor issue. IF it was a power supply issue there would be additional fees including a $60 diagnostic fee. The ASC rep advised me I would need a "412" ticket for a free of charge capacitor service. She advised to call the 800# back and request to speak with a Capacitor Settlement Rep and request a free of charge capacitor service.

I called the 800-726-7864 support number back again. I calmly and politely worked my way thru three phone reps. The 1st rep advised me there no longer was a CS department and transferred me to the Executive Relations Dept. The 2nd person advised me I did meet the criteria as my TV did not turn on and it continually clicked; however, she was unable to assist me as the Capacitor Settlement expired FEB 03, 2013.

After further prompting, she put me thru to a Capacitor Settlement Rep who I had originally requested with the first person I spoke to. After placing me on hold the Capacitor Settlement Rep first advised me she could authorize a free capacitor service which only included the capacitor part to be covered - the labor and any additional parts would be at additional cost.

I very politely stated I had read online Samsung offered excellent Customer Service sprinkled with a few naysayers. I also commented my television was located in a bedroom and rarely used since purchasing it in mid 2006. I asked if there would be any consideration to a full free service including free labor & parts for a possible capacitor and power supply issue. I was placed on hold again and she returned with a one time authorization for a full service aka "412" reference number with parts and labor paid for. I am now waiting for an ASC rep to callback to schedule an appointment.

Stay CALM and stay POLITE. Good luck.

rentema144 months ago

Thank you sir! Worked like a charm! Hardest part was getting the capacitors, radioshack didn't have them.........

Thanks again!

Colinmh234 months ago

Thanks for the excellent instructable. This is my dodgy capacitor - what should I replace it with? It's currently 1500uF 35v 105 degrees...any suggestions welcome!

thearisticone4 months ago

Hi my 42" plasma sumsung is making the clicking noise everone mentions and not starting but when i check the power board i cant see any bulging caps, my question is do they have to bulge or split to fail??

DuaneS24 months ago

This is my 2nd repair in 7 yrs on my 55in. I choose never to purchase a Samsung product of any kind ever again. Thank you all for the posts. Now I know how bad they really are..

porcelainduck4 months ago

Worked great! Glad I googled this problem, thought it was too soon for my TV to die. And like someone else said, quite satisfying.

Before you start, look up "desoldering" and you'll find various ways to cleanly remove the old capacitors and solder. I used a tool called a desoldering "bulb", cheapest option.

Thanks so much ! The information was perfect :)
JamesTwo6 months ago

Not sure if anyone will respond as I seem to be posting a few years later than most. Bought a second hand Samsung LCD tv for my sister. The people selling it had it running when I came to view it and all seemed perfect. Went to turn it on the following day at home and discovered this problem. Feeling rather aggrieved at being hoodwinked but was delighted to find this site. However, my problem seems to be the taller components that are covered in blue rubber insulation type thing beside the capacitors as one is leaking, rather than the capacitors themselves, as they all seem fine. What are these components called? (They don't appear in any of the repair kits available on ebay etc) Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much for this post. Our TV would not turn on and after researching on line as to reason, I found your post. We thought what did we have to lose. Disassembled the tv (hubby has some experience with this kind of stuff) and found the two puffed up capacitors (see bottom two of the 4 in pic) and ordered from what looked like a reputable place on Ebay for $2.59. Installed them and everything is great; no reset required. I had been having trouble for years with it turning off properly too so maybe something had been bad for a long time. Much cheaper than a new tv or taking to a repair shop.

MikeN47 months ago

Seconded on Samsung ending the settlement benefits as of September 2013. They offered to cover the parts (what, a whole 6 cents worth maybe?) and I would pay the service fee (which amounted to $200 for in-home, $150 if I brought it into their shop) so I said screw that! I had some caps I mis-ordered once (BIG 50V 1000uF instead of the usual tiny ones I usually order) and a soldering iron and a screwdriver. As luck would have it, the only two poorly rated (i.e. <25V) and damaged caps were 1000uF so I desoldered them (yay for that solder-sucker I bought) and dropped the new ones in and have a brand-new TV again after a half hour of work! Thanks for the instructable!

MikeN4 MikeN47 months ago

Oh, and if you need capacitors, don't go to eBay or radioshack or even mouser or digikey, go to Cheapest components evah

pringleman8 months ago

Worth noting that there is a component set for some Samsung power boards available on eBay. It consists of a few components that commonly fail and result in the TV not coming on at all (rather than the 10-20 minute delays some experience).

DavidB69 months ago

I have removed all the screws from the TV but having trouble removing the back panel. All the edges come up but something is holding it in the middle lower area. Any help?

Nice one sir, just replaced the only two 10A capacitors and got a load of spares. One note to add is my TV still showed the same symptoms until I ran a factory reset:

US sets: Power into standby mode, Mute, 1, 8, 2, Power
European sets: Power into standby mode, Info, Menu, Mute, Power

Mine is in UK and bought in Spain. Second one worked for me. Go to the first menu item and choose a factory reset. This will power down the TV and power it back up again. Choose 'Home' and it will be like a new TV.

Just basically got myself some knowledge and a great TV for £24.36 ;-)

New power supply board was put in and tv is not coming on. Do you push all buttons to factory reset. Mute, 1,8,2, Power?

Yes maybe this is enough but you may need to reset the EEPROM too by bridging 2 pins. I still have one cap somewhere to do (I think near the plug) but still trying to find time to get it about 15min of tv at the moment before malfunction acts up again!.

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