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Almost a year ago, water fell into my ipod and the sound wasn't working anymore.. i could hear sounds when i plug my earphones, but i can't hear anything without them !!
later then, my aunt told me to put my ipod in rice for a couple of days.. i didn't think it would work since many people pay $20-30 to have the sound on their devices fixed, but i thought that i should give it a try ! and guess what? it worked.. it actually worked ! later that year, my best friend's brother's ipod fell in water and it wasn't working plus the screen broke.. the rice method that i told her about worked and all her brother had to do was replace the screen which was a lot cheaper than replacing the whole ipod ! so that means that the rice absorbs the moisture and it fixed both the sound or the ipod..
ps: this doesn't only work with ipods it also works with phones...
pss: if this method doesn't work you will have to take it to an electronics store and they'll fix it for ya !

Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
You'll need:
- Your device
- Rice
- Bowl
- Couple of days
momoluv2 years ago
This doesn't work
TheMacyC (author)  momoluv2 years ago
It doesn't always work, you also might have left it for little time in the rice... another thing is that the damage might be way too bad for rice to fix it.
It doesn't hurt to try though!
Phil B3 years ago
Surprisingly, after you remove the battery (and before you ever power it up to see if it still works), soak the device in distilled water to wash away trace minerals that short out tiny circuit pathways. Then dry the device thoroughly. When dry, insert the battery and try the device.
TheMacyC (author)  Phil B3 years ago
tanarad3 years ago
this doesn't work, if rice absorbed water when left out you could cook it by leaving it out on a humid day. a better way is to put the broken piece in a kiln and let it dry out that way
nanosec123 years ago
It helps a little if you mix the rice up every day....just swirl it around a bit and it goes a little faster.

And this should be obvious, but you need to use 'uncooked' rice : )
D: i used cooked
TheMacyC (author)  GASSYPOOTS3 years ago
Really ?!
TheMacyC (author)  nanosec123 years ago
Of course I used uncooked rice ! It would have made it worst !
Thanks for your advice :)!
LOL, I know you did I could tell from the pictures, I was making a funny (and pointing it out for those that might have been unsure)
TheMacyC (author)  nanosec123 years ago
I was pretty sure you meant that and I also wanted to make sure they know that !
dps john3 years ago
With an electrical device if you can remove the battery do so before putting it in the rice and do not be tempted to use a hair dryer. It will work but not in all cases.

TheMacyC (author)  dps john3 years ago
Thanks for the advice :)!
Someone else told mr to remove the batteries before, but there was no way I could remove them from the iPod so.. Thanks anyway !
sunshiine3 years ago
Thanks for sharing this!
TheMacyC (author)  sunshiine3 years ago
I'm glad you liked it :D!