How to fix or true a bent bike rim with no tools in under a minute. (great for finishing races)

video How to fix or true a bent bike rim with no tools in under a minute. (great for finishing races)
A few months ago I had a mountain bike race in Vail Lake Temecula, and I was unable to complete the race. Do you know why? It's because I didn't know the trick I am about to show you. I hit a pothole, bent ("taco'd) my rim and was unable to fix it, so I had to throw the race. Now I know this trick to fix it and would like to share it with you.
Advar2 years ago
I don't race, but this may come in handy if another jack@$$ hits my bike. Thanks!
flyingpuppy2 years ago
Could'a used this 'ible to make my wind-powered water pump. Had to use a bent rim, and it should be a true rim. Thanks for this.
mykiscool (author)  flyingpuppy2 years ago
Your welcome, I'm glad to see that you are able to put this to good use and that I can be of help to someone.
Aron3132 years ago
Im REALLY sure you cant fix a very bent rim like that. That mostly helps move the rim different ways on the hub
Try it.
i have. I work at a bike shop
mykiscool (author)  Aron3132 years ago
This isn't meant to be a pretty trued rim like you would get with a machine, it is meant to help you get home when your rim is all bent up.
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mykiscool (author)  DELETED_Evinfire2 years ago
Yeah, I know how that is, on the racecourse this was my only fix, and afterwards they still couldn't be trued well with a machine or tools because I had it tacoed so badly. In the end I ended up buying a set of $500 replacement rims.
Well at my bicycle shop, we do that not to bend the rim but to make the whole rim move to the other side of the hub. Not for bends. Also most times you tighten spokes to true a wheel. You only put it in a machine if it is really bent.
mykiscool (author)  Aron3132 years ago
Oh ok, thanks for the info. I just learned this tip from my coach and wanted to share because it worked well for me and I wished I had known it before I exited the race course during my race.
mykiscool (author) 2 years ago
Hope this helps.