Introduction: How to Fix Sheevaplug Powersupply

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Basicly I went out to look for a cheap as possible solution to get the sheeva back online.

The case of the sheevaplug can be opened by removing the 4 rubber feet, beneath the feet is a screw with a Philips head. I took the old supply out and took it apart to see what happened.

Luckily my uncle owns a electronic shop nearby, He did have a module to build in to fit my needs / measures but he did have an external unit.

Step 1: What to Do

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Start by removing the original wiring from the original unit (see below). On the right should be a cable which I already removed.

Basicly I've just cut off the head of the external new unit, stripped the wires and connected them to the wires of the original unit.

I've soldered them together and put a big layer of glue over them so they won't short-circuit.

Step 2: All Done!

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Time to close it up and put it back in the corner so nobody will see your ugly but cheap solution!


gilberto doss made it! (author)2016-09-11

hi. i made this for ionics plug computer nimbus 101 and this not works! any idea?

the way, are anybody know what reason for 2 red and 2 black if solution
using 2 pins will work too with 5V? thanks for your time.

patvdleer (author)gilberto doss2016-09-12

Both of the wires in the Sheeva are 5V so that's why I added them together. Didn't see the need to use two separate 5V supplies. I'm not familiar with the Ionics plug but it does look like a clone of the Sheeva from the outside. Got any more details? model number?

gilberto doss (author)patvdleer2016-09-12

yes i believe they are. module look at picture left is from nimbus101 / nimbus200-powe-rev-e00 barcode 1345p00565 using multimeter i it is 5v. why 2 x 2 and not only 2 wires +5 and ground? ionics is from malasya. clone of sheeva.

rmwebs (author)2010-11-16

Great work! I actually have a bunch of these power plugs hanging around. For anyone in the UK, Maplin (both highstreet stores and stock these, as well as a couple of other Maplin branded ones (which are the same, but with a different casing).

Will deffo be doing this. I should probably get myself a glue gun though! :p

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