Introduction: How to Fix the Roland HD-1 Kick Pedal Definitively !

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I bought a used HD-1. I've been frustrated Because the kick pedal on my Roland HD-1 only functions intermittently. I listed the HD-1, but I was not satisfied with the reliability of the pedal. First remove the four phillips screws and one hex screw:

Step 1:

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Lubricate the areas marked in red with little Vaseline or a drop of oil. Clean the trigger with contact spray cleaner. To give more power to the pedal can add a rubber band on the spring, marked in yellow.  Enjoy yourself !

Thanks to Jon Bondy\’s site at for tricks and photos.


theblub (author)2017-11-10

did it work also after months? I heard somehwere that the vaseline solution is only a short term solution. I saw a video of someone cutting small ridges in the rubber which he claimed to be a more permanent solution

mollars (author)2016-04-26

Also world for me - Thanks you :-)

svz98 (author)2014-05-10

I've had the problem for about 6 months, but this works!!! Thx for this fix!

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