The Toto-Cine 35mm adapter is great for it's price, but the screws that allow you to attach the adapter to the rails are misaligned, causing a tilted rectangle inside the adapter.
Here's the simple solution.
Great video - anyone with this problem can easily fix this problem with little or no technical knowledge - shame it's limited to this niche 'exact' problem - because it's so well executed. **Why would a company sell an adapter like this? Does it natively mount on a different mount off by 33º?
Hey,<br/>Thanks for the nice comment! <sup>_</sup><br/>The company actually sold tons of these, but somewhere along their manufacturing line, someone misread the angle that the holes needed to be drilled and tapped. I notified the company once I found the issue, and they replied with an generic apology letter stating that it was an unnoticed measurement with their CNC machine. I assume over 500 people have the same problem. O well, the adapter was cheap enough for it's quality and built.<br/><br/>Thanks again<br/>

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