Picture of How to fix up a road bike!
In this instructable I'm going to go through how to paint a road bike and also some ways that you can improve it to your liking!

Here's what you will need:


Rust-O-Leum Primer

Rust-O-Leum Painter's Touch

Rust-O-Leum Lacquer

Sanding Sponges

Masking Tape

You will need some specialty tools to take apart the bike if you don't want to have to take it to a bike shop.  I'll talk about those later!!!
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Step 1: Get a bike!

Picture of Get a bike!
Alright, so obviously the first step is to find a bike that you want to fix up.  I found a single speed road bike on craigslist that I liked for only $60 and figured it would be a good place to start.  I found out that the rims alone are worth around $150 which was pretty nice, but the seat was hard as a rock and the handlebars were hard to use.  So those are some of things I decided to replace.  So depending on what condition the bike is in, decided what parts you want to replace ahead of time so you can order them.  That way you don't have to wait for them when you're ready to finish the bike!
Great job! Good to see you put on twin brakes. I live near Sacramento and got lots of help on bike building and repair at the nonprofit Sacramento Bicycle Kitchen,
Love the Choice of color, perfect for evening rides high visibility. I have been meaning to do this to my bike but I was going to use a reflective paint.
kjb0419 (author)  edwardlarson2 years ago
Thanks! That's originally what got me started on this whole little project. I live in Downtown Sacramento so I do a lot of biking because everything is in very close proximity. I liked the bike how it was, but I wasn't too fond of the all black (didn't want to get run over, ha ha). Anyways, since I decided to repaint I figured I might as well fix up everything else to my liking!
In regard to your bike, Rust-O-Leum has some awesome bright neon colors that aren't necessarily reflective, but you would definitely stand out! Be sure to send me some pictures if you decide to do yours!