Are your bikes brakes to weak for safety? Biking without good brakes is a hazard for you and others around you and you can't do those cool drifts you know you love (At least I do :D). With this instructable, I will show you how to fix your bike's brakes with a multitool or a wrench.

Step 1: Resources

What you will need is a bike (I hope I didn't need to tell you that...) and a wrench or multi tool.

NOTE: This instructable only covers how to tighten loose brakes. If your brakes don't move, there isn't enough rubber on the pads, the wire is cut or some other problem, you should look elsewhere. 

DISCLAIMER: Just because I did it doesn't mean you will without messing up your bike. Whatever happens to your bike (except for tighter brakes :D) is not my fault.

@TheMrCOOLguy2 You're Welcome. <br>*For some reason I can't reply
@kaptainkay I'm not sure but if I understand correctly your wheel is bent and has to be replaced. I'm not a proffesional
Thank you for this
Cool my brakes r so weak
Can you tell me what to do if your back wheel is buckled?
PS thanks for the instructable anyway :)

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