The door handle on my car broke recently. I was unable to open the door unless I would push on a certain area. This would require two hands to open my door. I decided today to open up my door panel and find the problem so that maybe I could fix it.

Step 1: Analyze the Problem.

So 2-3 weeks ago with normal use my door handle broke. It wouldn't open unless I pushed it down in a certain spot, shown in picture 2.

Today I decided I wanted to fix it, or find the problem so I can order a new part. I think I already knew what the problem was, but didn't want to order a part I didn't need.

I started by taking the panel off the door along with all the other necessary things and checked out my handle. I suspected that some plastic piece was broken somewhere because my car is old.
what make is your ride?
 It was a 92 Nissan pickup.
cool man! i got a 93 ford explorer with same prob
&nbsp;I know this is an older post but- &quot;good job&quot;<br /> I have the opposite problem, my car lock broke and the door won't close.<br /> now I either have to figure out how to change the lock myself- if I can afford that- close the door permanently- which so far I'm not having any luck with- duct tape on the outside isn't a good idea and probably wouldn't work anyway.<br /> <br /> or be carless the first time since I have my liscence. which I would actually welcome if I loved in an area conducive to this.<br /> <br /> sigh.<br /> <br /> <br />
&nbsp;Thanks. Sorry to hear about your problem. You could try this:<br /> <br /> <a href="http://thereifixedit.com/2010/01/15/epic-kludge-photo-because-passwords/" rel="nofollow">thereifixedit.com/2010/01/15/epic-kludge-photo-because-passwords/<br /> </a><br /> <br /> =)<br />
Cool! Not being mean, but wow that looks dirty in the first picture! :P
Haha, not mean at all. My car is only dirty on the inside being it's so old. The rest of my car I like to keep neat and organized. It would take me quite some time to disassemble my car and clean it so I don't really bother.
Nice, more an instructable about carefully thinking things through - im sure it will help many peopls with broken doors also!
Thanks! I'm hoping it will help someone some how.

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