How to Fix Your Favorite Jeans





Introduction: How to Fix Your Favorite Jeans

Do your favorite jeans has holes somwhere? Sooner or later in the crotch turn up holes... So this is a easy way how to repair jeans with small effort.

Step 1: Admiting

Yea, you have to admit that your jeans have holes. Done. 

Step 2: Finding a Donor

Usualy I sacrifice bottom pockets. Yes, it's cruel, but they are perfect size, color and i don't have to sew the edges.
So you need to carefully  rip the seams. Don't damage jeans! Or you will have some more holes.. 

Step 3: Covering the Hole

Cover hole form outside, see if it fits. (actually you had to do it sooner- just don't wait till your holes are Pizza size and you'll be fine). 
Choose how exactly you want the pocket to be sewn on. Attach it with pins. 

Step 4: Sewing

Hopefully you know how to sew. Just choose the right color thread and a nice needle, or you can do it with seewing-machine (witch I don't have- I do all the sewing by hand.. Oh..).

Step 5: Be Proud

So you've done all steps. Congarts! Now be proud that you gave second life to your jeans. Put on your repaired jeans and have a PARTY!



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what sewing stitch do you use when sewing by hand?

To all the grammar and spelling police out there (and, if I'm honest, my natural author side tends to see it a lot)'s the content of the instructable that garners 30,000+ views, not just the perfection of spelling ;) By the way, great instructable! Very useful :D

lol i love how you said to just admit it! its so true! annnnd i never thought of using the pockets! great idea!

That's awesome, this happens to me all the time. Thanks!

This happens to so many of my jeans! I've always used some contrasting fabric as a patch but I've never thought of using the pocket! Cute idea!

This happens to ALL of my pants!!

I have three holey pairs of work pants that I really don't want to lose. I just didn't know where to get similar matching fabric - the right back pocket that I never use!
Thank you for this excellent idea.

Yay! I have a pair I've been debating throwing away and now I'm going to attempt to fix them first! My jeans always get holes there. Thanks!!

after you rip off the back pockets, trace them on another scrap of fabric to make funky new pockets and sew them in place of the old ones....

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great idea with putting new pockets on! I would miss my old pocket, plus the butt would be a different colour where the sun didnt fade where the pocket was.

My husband has a pair of denim shorts that fit him really well, but there is a hole in the same spot as the picture. I have been pondering how to get denim the exact color to patch the hole. Your instructable answered that for me. Thanks for such an excellent idea!

Clever idea! Thanks for sharing.

OMG this is awesome! My pants always rip exactly like that and I throw them away, but this will save many of my favorite pants and save me some money!!


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Well thank You. :) Where I live, it's a common thing to do most of the time.

I like this very much! Though I think I might miss my butt pockets. But I bet I could find somewhere else that was willing to donate. :)

I could totally use this. I have a pair that is the perfect candidate! I'll let you know how this goes.