Picture of How to flash any Verizon phone to PagePlus
In this instructable I'm going to teach you how to flash any Verizon phone to PagePlus quickly and easily.
This doesn't require editing files, connecting your phone to your computer or looking up strange numbers, and can be done by nearly anyone.

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Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
You'll need the following items:
-A computer
-An E-Mail account
-A Verizon phone
-$7 (To activate, only if not porting a number)

Step 2: Setting up with PagePlus

Picture of Setting up with PagePlus
PagePlus does most of their sales through dealers, one well known dealer is Kitty Wireless, and that's what we'll be using today.

New accounts with new numbers:

Start by going to this link . Now, it's going to ask you for your e-mail address, your ESN (Electronic Serial Number) and your ZIP code. Go ahead and enter your e-mail and ZIP. Now go to your phone, take off the battery cover, remove the battery, and look at the label. Look for a number labeled "ESN (DEC)" Now enter that into the page, and submit. You then go through the normal process of checkout. Pay the $7 and wait for an e-mail.

New accounts with numbers to be ported:

This method uses Page Plus's website: Start by going to this link. Click the "Switch to Page Plus and port your number now" link and follow the instructions it gives you. When it asks for your ESN (Electronic Serial Number), look for the number labeled "ESN (DEC)" under your phones battery and enter that. You shouldn't have to pay anything when using this method, when going through Kitty Wireless you'd be spending about $25. DO NOT Follow the programming instructions on the page linked from here, as it's only a patch through to a specific menu and doesn't always work. Use the instructions in the next step.
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do you know if you can take a verizon droid that has been flashed to pageplus back to verizon account ?

MrsMazyck2 months ago
I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 verizon and I wanted to switch it to straight talk and it is compatible with the service just when I go to the coverage it says they don't service in my area which is a lie because I've had straight talk just with a Trac phone. How much is it to flash my phone to page plus? And will it work?

I know someone who flash phones to (Page Plus),(Straight Talk),(Boostmobile) "Remotely" which means you don't have to mail your phone anywhere... Its For Any Phone Except "Iphones" you can email me at for more info (

nakeyia076 months ago

Hi I have a Samsung S3 and I would like to know what I needed to do if i have already tranferred the Esn/Imei # from my old phone to my new phone without realizing I had to register the sim card. If I try to flash it at the point will I lose my existing pageplus number. Really at a lost for words right now. Please help!! Thanks in advance!

king ofa6 months ago

I have a galaxy s4 that is thru Verizon on a contract plan what would I have to do in order to have it flashed to another provider because Verizon is getting high on prices I am letting the phone get cut off so when I take it to get flashed do I have to contact Verizon in order to do it

I Can Get It Flash For You To Page Plus or Straight Talk Your choice Just Email Me At

I don't see a ESN number on the phone I have a droid bionic is there another number I can be using

you can check the esn# in the settings

just askin1 year ago
I have a Samsung Intensity 2 Verizon phone I ported over to Page Plus. The browser didn't work but the mobile email did for a couple of months, then quit. How do I get it going again? Page Plus customer service did everything they could, and said a dealer would have to work on it. How do I flash it over to Page Plus? Just Askin.

Get It Reflashed

I can get it reflash for you its cost $29.99

asmith1382 years ago
What if I have a phone through page plus already and I want to switch my number to another phone? Ive tried on the website where it says to switch phones, but every time I try all it does is give me an error message. Can you help? Thanks.

you would have to get ported over and reflashed

tvane12251 year ago
this wont work with an LTE phone would it? even without the sim card?

Yes, you get talk, text, and real 3g data if your getting it flashed to page plus or straight

JOHANNA S12 months ago

Does anyone know if this would work on a HTC Thunderbolt or a Droid Maxx 917? or any 4g phone?

Yes it works On Any 4G Phone

I know someone who flash phones to (Page Plus),(Straight Talk),(Boostmobile) Remotely which means you don't have to mail your phone anywhere... Its For Any Phone Except "Iphones" you can email me at for more info (

kwalsh1010 months ago
I have a droid bionic that I want to out on a number already activated thru pageplus..they said I needed to have it flashed... $55 is what they this process the same as what they are talking about?
aalvarez341 year ago
Could this be done on an iphone 4 ?? Or an s3 which would be easier ??? And if I update or reset the phone will it remove the flash??
jbabyjay1 year ago
i have a page plus phone and number which is sctive well the last two days it stopped working and they want me to pay to flash it its not fair im even paid up till next month as well help please thanks jessica
gabrush1 year ago
I tried the steps but step 3 when dial *228 snd and msg says i have sim card on phn and wont let me continue.. Any ideas on this issue?
jbaker222 years ago
I could not program my phone from at home, then I went to Boscov's with a Verison store and it programed my phone there. You might want to tell people that if their phone is not programed at their home to gor do it at another place far away.
jbaker222 years ago
BTW ESN is not as common now MEID.
crazydog75 (author)  jbaker222 years ago
I know, but PagePlus still refers to it as ESN on their website.
jbaker222 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
crazydog75 (author)  jbaker222 years ago
I'm guessing that's the Droid Eris, so yes, it should work.
Yes, but what do I put for the parts asking for the Current Carrier, Account Number, Account pass Code, Account Holder's First Name, Account Holder's Last Name? Should I put Verizon or none for the current carrier, and account information from kitty wireless?
crazydog75 (author)  jbaker222 years ago
You only need your current carrier's information if you're porting your number in from another carrier.
dxe102 years ago
Just registered to let you know I used this instructable on a used Droid Incredible and it worked flawless. Thanks a lot!
Itanaman2 years ago
I am a PagePlus Dealer and can verify that this does not work for Verizon 4G phones or iPhones, which do have to have special programming done, as they also require a SIM card. You can however, have them programmed for about $40 at

However, these instructions do work for all other Verizon phones (3G) (which is currently most of their phones), and the older Verizon branded blackberries.
c_gal3 years ago
Is this just an "activation"? --Or is it actually "flashing" the phone so all the functions work such as MMS and internet?
crazydog75 (author)  c_gal3 years ago

By paying the $7 to Kitty Wireless you're activating your phone, your account, and linking the phone's ESN to your account in Pageplus's (and Verizon's) database, so when you dial *228 on your phone to access Verizon Programming, it knows you're actually using it on PagePlus, and it will flash it over the air accordingly.

If you're using a different CDMA phone, you have to manually change the PRL file on the phone, which is beyond the scope of this particular instructable.
What if I want to port my number from Verizon wireless ? Does is still work the same. Specifically for the Verizon Chocolate Touch ? Will everything work ?
crazydog75 (author)  hagins33 years ago
You just need to complete a port request, which can be done here:

Just complete this process, then program your phone once your port is confirmed.

It will work fine because the only part of Verizon being used is the towers and Programming system, not Verizon directly.

What would be th difference in using the Pageplus Site directly ? it's $25 cheaper when porting the number and activating the phone ?
crazydog75 (author)  hagins33 years ago
When you do both, sure.

If you're just activating without porting it's cheaper to go through Kitty Wireless because you not only save $3 for activation you also get $2 free credit to start.

When I wrote this instructable they still charged for port-ins on the PP website, I guess they've changed it since.

Good luck, and thanks for the info, I'll go ahead and put that in the instructions.
CD75, I was able to activate my phone, PP even gave me $2. Email works, VZ Navigator works, City ID works, games work, Everything works except visual voice mail (understandible), intenet works except for opening browser... tried to change WAP, setting won't change. Any suggestions ? Thanks....
crazydog75 (author)  hagins32 years ago
Did you follow these instructions to set the WAP settings?

1. Press [Menu][0] to access settings
(you will have to know your 6 digit service code, try 000000 if all else fails).

2. Navigate to WAP Setting.

3. You will see an option for Reset Browser; Do not use it under any circumstances.

Find the following parameters and set them to the appropriate values:

Primary Proxy Address
Secondary Proxy Address
Primary Port 8080
Primary LXL Port 443
Secondary Port 8080
Secondary LXL Port 443
User Password vzw
Homepage http://homepage

Once you have finished, power your phone off and then back on.

If that doesn't work you should probably do some searching on Howard Forums, they seem to have an answer for anything related to this. I've never had or used a LG Chocolate Touch so I don't really know what else to tell you, but if you find anything out let me know!
It wouldn't let me change the settings...they revert back to verizon's
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