Step 2: Setting up with PagePlus

Picture of Setting up with PagePlus
PagePlus does most of their sales through dealers, one well known dealer is Kitty Wireless, and that's what we'll be using today.

New accounts with new numbers:

Start by going to this link . Now, it's going to ask you for your e-mail address, your ESN (Electronic Serial Number) and your ZIP code. Go ahead and enter your e-mail and ZIP. Now go to your phone, take off the battery cover, remove the battery, and look at the label. Look for a number labeled "ESN (DEC)" Now enter that into the page, and submit. You then go through the normal process of checkout. Pay the $7 and wait for an e-mail.

New accounts with numbers to be ported:

This method uses Page Plus's website: Start by going to this link. Click the "Switch to Page Plus and port your number now" link and follow the instructions it gives you. When it asks for your ESN (Electronic Serial Number), look for the number labeled "ESN (DEC)" under your phones battery and enter that. You shouldn't have to pay anything when using this method, when going through Kitty Wireless you'd be spending about $25. DO NOT Follow the programming instructions on the page linked from here, as it's only a patch through to a specific menu and doesn't always work. Use the instructions in the next step.
jbaker222 years ago
BTW ESN is not as common now MEID.
crazydog75 (author)  jbaker222 years ago
I know, but PagePlus still refers to it as ESN on their website.