My Granddaughter Izzy is staying with us for a while and is a budding Scientist.

She completed an experiment today to see if she could float an egg in water.

How she did this is in the video.

Step 1: HOW TO.

<p>Density a good Czech invention right after robot ;-)</p><p>A very excellent Instructable by your pretty ... smart Grandaughter Izzy !</p>
<p>She says Thanks :-)</p>
<p>Is UK school in session ?</p>
<p>Not until the first week in Sep. They traditionally break for Aug for the 6 weeks summer Holiday. izzy lives some 200 miles away so comes to stay for 2 weeks during the summer Holidays.</p>
<p>We had a eastern man for a school super who changed our schedule to the best summer hot days and then went back east to ruin another school and later got fired there. </p><p>Anyway our children have been in school for three weeks.</p>
<p>Density, a great Czech Invention right after Robot ;-)</p><p>A very nice instructable by your pretty smart Grandaughter Izzy !</p>

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