How to Fly a Remote Helicopter





Introduction: How to Fly a Remote Helicopter

I am going to show you how to fly a mini helicopter. I'm using a Ed hardy toy helicopter that i got for 15$.

Step 1: Charging

First put batteries in your charger and remote. After that, charge your helicopter.

Step 2: Take Off!

To fly start out slowly then add on more speed as you go. Make sure you do not hit your ceiling.

Step 3: Landing

To land the helicopter you have to go down slowly when its close enough from the ground you can land it there but do not let it keep flying when it lands.

Step 4: Steering

To go forward push the stick on the right  up, backwards = down, right = right, left = left.

Step 5: Flying

Now that your flying be sure to not to have so much power that you hit the ceiling or any other high objects.

Step 6: :D

Now you know how to fly a helicopter. :)



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These things can be quite tricky, as you've learned how could you add more to this?
So far you've only really said to start slowly then build speed, and not to use so much throttle as to hit the ceiling.

E.g. how do you combine throttle with direction, how do you land it etc?


There is no forward or reverse control, its 2 channels.  It goes up/down, turns to the left/right.  Mostly, it just crashes into things, until it breaks.

Well... i hope have fun with breaking your little toys.... they're not all the same.

Yes they're like that. I suspect it's a marketing strategy to get people to buy better models...


The best helicopter ive come accros is the syma s107 for around £20 with LiPo batterys 3 channel and a alumium body

 it's like I told you all's a conspiracy.

establishment sucks

Those little copters are as easy as they come, to really give people an idea how to fly these, make an Instructable on a Nitro Heli, those are hard, plus if you fail there goes $1000. If you can make an 'Ible on Nitro Helis that will get ppl to successfully fly one of them, then, it won't matter if they have a cheaper heli.